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Wedding Case

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The wedding is the great ceremony were tow people are united under the bond of marriage; it's an announcement for their new step in the life (marriage) through a celebration with a lot of relatives and friends. The way of celebration vary from person to another, and the place does too.

In the UAE for example; people mostly hold their weddings indoor, but many others prefer to arrange their weddings outdoor, specially the males' party, where the groom enjoys celebrating with his friends and family, they could enjoy the wedding in the tent, at home garden or on the beach or even on a yacht or cruise ship.

One of the incredible ideas for outdoor weddings is to hold it on a Yacht, or as we name it in the local language (Al-Boom), it's a large ship made by wood on the traditional shape, the celebration will start after Al-Ishaa prayer, the Invitees start to arrive after that, they start by greeting and Congratulates

The groom and his family, then they enjoy the reception while you can find a poet who saying poems about the groom and his family as part of traditional heritage, or you might enjoy listening to the live music presented by a tradetional band. Also we don't forget the Arabian coffee and dates.

After the reception they will have a great banquet that includes many traditional and international plates, such as harees, Biryani and they will probably find a fresh seafood plates.

All that plus the soft breeze of the sea and lights reflection on the water surface will create a wonderful and unforgettable wedding event, a place where you can share the joy and happiness with the sea and the nature.

Finally I can say that creativity in the wedding party never ends, either it is indoor or outdoor, traditional or modern, since it's for sharing the joy with everybody, it's a blessed event.



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