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Central Argument of Men, Women, Sex, and Darwin

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Essay Preview: Central Argument of Men, Women, Sex, and Darwin

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Central Argument of Men, Women, Sex, and Darwin

Natalie Angier's Men, Women, Sex, and Darwin, explores men and women's sexual life preferences and what they desire in opposite gender while on their hunt for a mate. In her essay she portrays men as animals that move from one woman to other looking for sex; however she displays women as a girl who looks for a protector and long- stable relationships. She concluded that men looked for young beautiful women that can bear him offspring; while women sought mature, rich, and stable men who could take of her children. Though I concur with general idea of description on men and women's view on their sexual relationship, I think she took extreme ends their behavior on her essay. I disagree with the central argument- men are looking for youthfulness and beauty in women, while women prefer mature-rich husbands; I believe men and women both look for character when looking for mates.

Even if it is natural instinct for men to lust after young beautiful women, they don't adjust for just mere looks when looking for mates. They want women with character and someone they can love when looking for a relationship. The author depicts men as womanizers mostly throughout the essay; she emphasizes that they are less sexually reserved through comparing gay and lesbian relationships. She says that gay couples are more into sex while lesbians show affection through cuddling. Not all men look forward for more than sex in their relationship with mates. Some men genuinely prefer long relationships.

Despite the fact that women fancy men who are older and more mature, they don't find gray hair and wrinkles attractive. Women tend to look for a man who is rich and capable of looking after them and their children, but those aren't the only characteristics that women favor in men. They look for physical chemistry and personality in men. They want men who are faithful and caring. The author does a make a valid point when she says that men have tender ego and dominant one in family; so women does give importance for husbands earnings and social status.

Along with looks and maturity, both men and women give importance to character when looking for relationships. Unlike most animals, which don't have the ability to think like humans, we select our mates differently. When we get involved in a relationship, we value love and try to settle out our differences to make our relationships last long.



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