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Where/how Is Power Obtained?

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Essay Preview: Where/how Is Power Obtained?

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Where/How is power obtained?

Power is an extremely controversial issue in our society. Many people feel the government has too much power, or a single person has too much power, or even that the common man has too little power. As is obvious, power is an important part of people's lives. The decisions we make, our behavior around others as well as our duties in the workplace are all decided by power. Defined as, "the possession of control or command over others," power is something many wish for, as this sense of superiority allows people to feel in control. Where is this power found, some might ask. Power oftentimes requires years of hard word to attain, but others find themselves falling into power extremely quickly, the after effects of which are usually problematic.

Power is obtained most frequently in the workplace. The rank or position held in the company can dictate the amount of power earned. For example, a bottom level employee without any experience will have a more difficult time convincing people to concur with his thoughts and ideas than the well seasoned worker that has over ten years of experience. As the beginning employee spends more time with the company and finds a way to impress upon those with more power his ideas, he begins his own growth of power. Quite simply, the more people that support a person, the more power they have. As an unfortunate result, power oftentimes leads to people viewing those with more power in a negative light. This happens as a result of power "going to your head" and people making less than optimal decisions, mostly in personal interest rather than company interest.

Converse to power in the workplace, it is also an important part of the vast societies of people in the world. The way the brain comprehends power allows it to make up for a feeling of incompetence in other areas. When people are seen as more powerful than others, it invokes a sense of hierarchy, resulting in a boost in self esteem and self image. Many people find themselves yearning for this power as it allows many to see past a person's inabilities in certain areas when they are much higher on the totem pole than others. Furthermore, power becomes very controlling. People that gain power over friends, family, coworkers and other people are given a power to manipulate these people. Whether this manipulation is for good or bad is up to the person with the power, but oftentimes good intentions lead to bad actions.

A great deal of power is gained in the same way any type of goods or services are obtained. Money can buy food, a car, a vacation, or even a house, but it can also purchase power. In the 2008 race for the presidency, over a billion dollars was spent on presidential campaigns. Anything from speeches to commercials, there was some way to make sure their name was visible. Barack Obama spent nearly $730 million dollars on his campaign.



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