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Why Is It Important to Have an Awareness of "disability"studies*, for onself and for Society?

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Essay Preview: Why Is It Important to Have an Awareness of "disability"studies*, for onself and for Society?

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As part of the modules Mental Health Issues and Understanding Specific Needs, I will have to explore and present the importance of understanding Mental Health Disability, for myself and society, using the suggested guidelines to reach the importance of awareness of mental health issues and specific needs.


My objectives for this assignment is to explore and define mental health, outlining the origin/history of Mental Health Disability, exposing the bad treatments and mistakes of the past, covering the institutionalization / normalization process, and how legislation society interact to change our attitudes and to influence the services we have available.

I will also examine the concepts of normality in mental health, challenging the society acceptance and awareness of mental health disability field through the ages.

In addition the methodology used for this assignment, will cover just the secondary research modes, which explore information from class notes, internet, newspaper, and other reliable sources which then will be applied on this assignment.

So why it is important for society/ myself to knowledge the awareness of Mental Health Disability?

To reply to this question I will have to define both Mental Health and Mental Health Disability and fallow the history curs of the mental disability, using the society awareness true the legislation applied on this field.

Mental Health represent "maybe the most important public health issue, which even the poorest society must afford to promote ,to protect and invest in". . (World Health Organization, 2012)

* Mental Health describes the way we think and feel about ourselves and others including our ability to cope with our own life variation /events and stress which is part of life.

* Mental Illness by definition imply that the mental balance is affected which can generate a behavior, emotion and thinking modification which can cause injury, suffering to himself or other people. Some of the psychiatric illnesses include depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia.



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