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Why You Gain Absolutely Nothing from War?

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Essay Preview: Why You Gain Absolutely Nothing from War?

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Why You Gain Absolutely NOTHING from WAR?

Do you believe there is really an end to war? There's never been a year without war in this world, so isn't it likely that the human race will end before the sun explodes because we would have all died from fighting against each other. Therefore, the issue I want to work to change is war because a world without war will be the first step to create peace in the world. According to the poem "Michiko Dead" by Jack Gilbert, the guy is carrying a burden that is too heavy for him so he compares it to carrying a box that is too heavy. It is evident from line 3-6 when it said, "When their strength gives out he moves the hands forward, hooking them on the corners, pulling the weight against his chest." This means although the burden he is carrying is heavy, he doesn't abandon it and tries his best to keep holding it because it is really important to him. I also feel like ending all wars is a burden, but I strongly believe that ending all wars is a significant thing. It is significant because I feel war is an endangerment to people's lives and all other living things because it only brings forth destruction, and without it we can come together and help each other live in this world.

The fallout for civilians outweighs what is won in war. The youths are affected by this issue because war costs the lives of innocent people, so they want to help address it. According to the article "Student Activism Can Change The World" by John Hagel and John Seely Brown states, " One example-backed by Kalil- is the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC), a student-led initiative designed to connect academic resources focused on cleantech." I chose this quote because it shows how students are creating ideas to help change the issues they believe in. In addition, I think I can work to address war from happening by creating an organization like the United Nations called 'We Unite To End All Wars' in each country that is being affected by war. According to, "The United Nation is an international organization that focuses on international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and the achievement of world peace." However, my organization will only focus on ending war because with only one issue, we can put all our energy and be able to hurry the pace to achieve world peace. Furthermore, if we end all wars we won't have to face the unfair consequences. On November 22, in the New york Times article, Isabel Kershner and Allen Cowell reported in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, November 21, 2012, that a bomb blast wounded 11 civilians on a bus. This is one example of how war affects the lives of civilians. The pain of innocent people will not stop after the war ends. According to



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