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Wife of Bath in Comparison with Todays Society

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Essay Preview: Wife of Bath in Comparison with Todays Society

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Out of all of the readings this semester, the reading that displayed ideas of love, language and the divine in comparison with today's society is The Wife of Bath. Allison, The Wife of Bath, portrayed many characteristics of the women of this modern day era.

Allison's views on love is much like what we tend to see now. She believes that one must marry rather than to burn. Love is not an object of affection that she looks for. Allison looks for her a husband so that he can provide for her and she wants to have complete control over him. In the present time women look for men to give them nice things, to be the provider but want to have total control over the relationship. Women are becoming more of a pusher than the male.

When we look into the views that Allison has on language and the great divine we see that she can manipulate, or use to her advantage the Bible. She quotes the bible thru out the entirety of the reading. When she speaks on the number of times she has been married she makes reference to King Solomon. In today's society when a person is trying to justify his or her actions, they usually make reference to the bible as well, or a higher being.

Its amazing how stories can be tied into the present times of today, only shows how history repeats itself.



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