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Will You Read to Me?

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Will You Read To Me I had just started my 8th grade year in middle school. I had new clothes, a new backpack and I was ready to start the new school year. A lot of things happened to me that year, some good and some bad. Little did I know that having my literate grandpa move in with my family and I would be the best thing to happen to me.

Ever since I could remember, my grandpa always had a book with him and when my sisters and I went to visit him on the weekends, he would read to us. As I got older though I lost interest in listening to him read to all of us. I would sit down to be polite but I would be playing my Game boy while he read. Never the less, he still read. Well as we all know the economy is bad and my grandpa had to sell his home. He had nowhere else to go so he moved in with my family and I. At that time he was getting older and losing his eye sight which made it hard for him it read. I remember coming home one day from school and seeing my grandpa sitting in a chair in the family room. No book in his hands though. I stood there a second to take in the picture before asking "How are you Pa?" my grandpa replied with a question ,"Will you read to me?" I was shocked. I didn't want to read to him. In my opinion at 13 years old, it wasn't the cool thing to do. I looked at him almost dumbfounded, and I told him, "Maybe later, I have some homework to do." I walked to my room. It was a lie, I didn't have homework to do but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. An hour later I came out of my room and into the kitchen and I found my Grandpa sitting in the same chair with a look of sadness. He saw me walk into the kitchen, "Great!" I thought," he's gonna ask me again" and he did. I couldn't lie to him again so with a voice of disgust I said "I guess," and walked over to the book shelf. "What book do you want me to read?" I said annoyingly. He pointed and said "Walk Two Moons, please." I grabbed the book and sat down in a huff and began reading aloud to him. I finished one chapter and I looked up from the book, my Grandpa nodded and simply said "Thank you, you can go now." And I left as quickly as I could.

Later on that night as I was lying in my bed, I couldn't stop thinking about the book. It really got me hooked on it and it really intrigued me. So the next day after school I hurried home. I was excited to read to my grandpa. To be honest, I was a little scared of that thought. I didn't want any of my friends to know. I walked



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