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Relationship Between Reading & Writing

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Essay Preview: Relationship Between Reading & Writing

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Relationship between Reading & Writing

In my opinion the relationship between reading and writing is the understanding of the material. Communication is another main part of the two as well as evaluating what you are reading and writing. It's called strategy. Critical thinking is another source between the two. I struggle with both due to some lack of understanding. Reading is understanding what is really being said or the main idea of the articles, books, etc. I struggle with writing because I have difficulties understanding the grammar and when to use correct punctuation. Reading a certain amount of time a day could help you write fluently without any difficulties. The better you understand a text, more likely you will successfully put your thoughts onto paper. Take lots of notes as you are reading which will help you with your writing skills. When reading or writing do research and use a dictionary. This will allow you to understand the different meanings and the correct spelling of the words. As for writing it is very important to brainstorm and to do research on what it is you wish to write about. Writing helps reading by identifying pronunciation, and the speed. Get started with writing you have to brainstorm. Keep all your ideas in order as you go. Look for patterns in the information. Do an outline and reread what you wrote to see if it makes sense. When you proof read your writing ask yourself questions. Check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Reading and Writing goes hand and hand. You can't do one without doing the other. They both involve a lot of concentration. Reading also helps you to write because it exposes you to new words and writing styles. You can improve your reading skills by writing out what you have read. Without one the other cannot exist. Reading is an important part of the work of a writer. Writing your own text helps individuals to analyze what they have read. Reading not only improves writing and knowledge but gives you an idea. It is important to read books, magazines, newspapers, poems or even short stories. You cannot absorb new ideas; improve vocabulary or writing unless you read. Poor reading are writing skills will not give you the ability to help or focus in everyday settings. Examples are to help children with homework or a presentation for your job. Writing Can Improve Reading, which shows instructional practices to improve a person's reading abilities. How much you write improves your reading techniques. Reading creates creativity in a successful writer. Reading is required to do writing assignments.



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