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Let Us Move Forward Together Spoken by Winston Churchill

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Essay Preview: Let Us Move Forward Together Spoken by Winston Churchill

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"Let us move forward together!" were words spoken by Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, during World War II. To keep the nation moving together and moving unitedly toward victory over Germany, media was used to convince citizens of the action they needed to take in order to help in bringing about that nation-wide success. In a series of posters, the British government employed a variety of persuasive techniques to convince people to join and assist the war effort.

One poster encourages factory words not to waste time because it features an image of a worker taking a break in front of a clock. The poster uses the persuasive technique "plain folks" to connect to everyday people through the image of the factory worker. Everyday factory workers can see themselves taking their own breaks when they see the image. Through the slogan "Every minute counts!" and the image of the clock, the poster uses the persuasive tactic of fear -- fear that if factory workers take breaks, the war will continue for longer than it would otherwise. These techniques are effective at convincing the audience to work hard because no factory worker would want to be the one worker who caused a delay to the end of the war.

Another poster features a female factory worker and is designed to convince women to work in factories. The woman’s triumphant pose with raised arms helps to associate women working in factories with a victory for Great Britain. This poster uses the persuasive technique "transfer" because it relates women's work in factories to success and causes women to believe that if they work in factories they're helping bring the war to an end. The poster is effective because it makes women feel that they will have power and influence over the outcome of the war.

A very effective poster is one that shows a helpless woman and her baby that is about to be harmed by the claws of the Nazis, to persuade people to buy victory bonds. The phrase "Keep these hands off!" across the top, makes the audience feel that they need to take action to protect innocent people from the Germans. This poster uses the tactic of "fear" to compel them to do all they can to save these innocent women and children from harm. This is an effective propaganda poster because it makes people believe that buying war bonds can rescue the helpless.

Through types of propaganda, Great Britain used many techniques to persuade citizens to aid and join the war effort. Techniques such as plain folks, transfer, and fear were used to compel the British to participate in the war in any way that was needed. These poster's use of images and text also had an emotional effect on the audience whether it was pride and excitement due to a triumphant pose, or it was concern and distress because of seeing others in danger. This was an effective campaign because



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