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Wireless and Mobile Computing

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Factors affecting salary and wage level

I/ Based on work:

Work is the deciding factor that affects the salary level. Most of the companies pay attention to the significance of a specific work. There are many methods for evaluating work, but how to use methods such as job description table to analyze and evaluate work should be in a scientific and effective way. The work factors that need to be analyzed are:

1. Skills and abilities:

a) The demand of mental labor.

b) The complexity level of the work.

c) Individual necessary qualifications.

d) Making decision skill.

e) Management skill.

f) Social knowledge necessary for the work.

g) Harmonization skill.

h) Ability to perform work details.

i) The level of Craftsmanship.

j) Creativity ability.

k) Innate ability.

l) Experience.

2 - Responsibility to the following matters:

a) Money.

b) Loyalty.

c) Decision making.

d) Work management.

e) Public relation.

f) The quality of work performance.

g) Operating assets.

h) Information secret.

i) Policy making.

3. Effort in working:

a) Mental work requirement

b) Physical work requirement.

c) The pressure of work.

d) The level of work detail required.

4. Working conditions:

1. Working environment.

2. Risks.

II/ Based on each employee.

1. Their working productivity in working to meet the rate of progress.

2. Experience.

3. Seniority.

4. Ability to get promotion.

5. Individual preferences.

6. Other factors...

III/ Company organizational environment:

1. The business policy, strategy



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