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Mobile Computing

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What is Mobile Computing you may ask? Mobile you can move around to place to place and Computing well you can do all types of things on a device with wifi or network access. Move around while accessing the network of your choice. The ability to use computing capability without a pre defined location. Mobile Computing is both old and new. Types of devices that are used on the go are; Cell Phones, Laptops and GPS. The software allows users to perform all the functions that are possible in a standard desktop PC connected to a LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network) network. It is easy to carry around with you to gain access to the net. They store a lot of information that is need and what you have downloaded for personal pleasure like games and social networking. There are limitations to mobile devices.

With mobile devices you are able to go anywhere. In your car, the bathroom, the woods any where you decide to go. It's just that convenient to have no matter what your choice of device. Weather if it's a cellular phone, a laptop or a GPS the ability to move with you is great. Mobile devices allow you to check your email, connect to a social network, and play games, listen to the news or radio, even use navigation. No matter where your location is.

Mobile devices are handheld mini computers that come with a keyboard and a touch or non touch screen.

Laptops are a portable minicomputer that has everything a desktop computer has, even the hard drive all in one system unit. The first laptop was invented by a British designer named Bill Moggridge. This Grid Compass was sold for $8,150 when released back in 1982. The U.S. military used this rugged Grid Compass. In 1985 it made its way on the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Cell phones are devices that make and receive phones calls and text messages. Stores phone numbers and events that you assign a specific date too. Cell phones commune through broadcasting worldwide. The cell towers that are setup throughout the area allow the receiving tone of voice. The thought of creating a phone that was wireless was back in the 1915's. Dyna Tec phone was the first to be released costing $3,500 by Motorola. Nokia released a mobile phone in 1996 that was able to receive internet connection, and then ringtones started selling in 1998. The invention came from a man named Martin Cooper who worked for the Motorola Company. Today more than half the population of the world owns a cell phone.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System which provides the location and weather information through space based satellite also it can tell you were you are on the globe. The U.S. military developed the GPS which started back in the 1960's. In 1989 the first hand held receiver was introduced by the company Magellan Corp. The President allowed the people to



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