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Women Are Better Managers Than Men

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Essay Preview: Women Are Better Managers Than Men

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On the issue, women are better managers than men, I do not agree nor disagree with this argument. It depends on the aualities and characteristics of a person whether man or woman. Each person can become a manager with his or her own way of leading, organizing, coordinating with his or her subordinate.

The character of a person will define his or her personality. Personally, I experienced having a man as a manager as well as a woman as a manager. I would say that the man did it well compared to the woman but it never pushed me to onclude that man will be a better manager than a woman.

She said:

"Hands down women are better. There's no contest."

She says female bosses tend to be more task-driven and on point, and men love to hear themselves talk. On the other hand, Smith says women take minor things very personally.

I urge you to read Smith's entire interview, in which she explains herself much more thoroughly. But the fallout that ensued with the Times' readers urged editors to publish a roundtable discussion (5 women, 1 man; all professionals) on the subject just a week later.

The verdict?

One person says part of the imbalance is the social psychology of it all -- if a woman acts a certain way, it can be perceived differently or with a different context.

Another says it's the inbred history of sexism against women in the workplace.

A third plays up a woman's different approach (emotion, attentiveness, etc.) and questions what traits we value in an effective leadership role.

A fourth says members of both sexes rise to the top based on certain attributes (aggression, competitive nature), and that a mix is ideal.

A fifth cites the disadvantages women have had in the past (and present) and suggests women must be that much better to achieve parity.

A sixth says each sex has its pros and cons, and the best managers ought to have both.



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