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Women Today

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Women today, play many roles in the Military. They always have. It began during World War II, when women were a part of the medical corps for the Army and Navy. Women were also essential in maintaining the bureaucratic mechanisms that are necessary in total warfare. They freed up the men during this time so that they can fight. Now, it amazes me how many women enlist every day in some of the same fields as men. It also amazes me how women can be brave enough to work in the same hazardous areas as men. Women influence the military in such a different way, that man alone would not be able to understand. Should women be grateful that they are not included in such a terrible thing as combat, or is it wrong to exclude them just because they are women?

I am interested with Women in Combat because, I am looking into joining the military myself, as an officer. I plan on using my knowledge and my Degree in Computer-aided Drafting and Design to better myself and this country. I want to be able to make an impact wherever I am placed and, I want to be able to show conflicting men that I can work and do the different jobs just like them.

I know that this past year, the military officials lifted the ban on women in combat but, it is still very controversial. Some can still argue that women are too fragile and weak to fight in combat. They can also say that a woman cannot handle herself in combat. The pure and simple point is that all jobs should be open to women and men - if and only if - the women and men are qualified, capable, competent, willing, and able to perform them. Women should be given the opportunities to fulfill their dreams if they are able. However, women should be held at the same level as men, and no concessions should be made to enable them to make the standard. Many people, myself included, applauded the change to allow women in combat. If a woman chooses this kind of challenge, then she is more than capable. The key pros boil down to fairness and facing reality. No one should be barred from doing something they are capable of doing regardless of gender--with the implicit understanding that the bar should also not be lowered to allow women to participate. With my second point, women currently fight, and we need a wider and better pool of people to defend our interests. Women are very versatile and can adjust easily to the situations given to them. Women's differences in thinking and communication may even be strengths, not weaknesses, in combat.

I need to do more research on what tasks women would have to take on exactly while in combat and the statistics involved with enlisting. I also would like to read more about the women's greater need for hygiene while in combat and how they take care of their feminine health issues around men on a constant basis.



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