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The Sexual Revolution Today: Are Men and Women Equal?

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Essay Preview: The Sexual Revolution Today: Are Men and Women Equal?

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The Sexual Revolution Today: Are Men and Women Equal?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if we were stuck in the ninetieth century? Most people do not think about how much has changed since the nineteenth hundreds, when it comes to women and men as equals. Many things have changed for both men and women when it comes to freedoms and rights. I believe that we have changed in many ways however I do not think that men and women are seen as equal.

Women in the Workforce

To better understand if a sexual revolution is over we must first know what a sexual revolution is. A sexual revolution is the idea of men and women being seen as equal or being able to have the same rights and freedoms. Today in most organizations it is portrayed that men and women are equal however I do not thinks so. A prime example of an organization that gender dictates jobs is the military. Today men and women are said to be equal in the military but women are not allowed on the front lines. Another example of the military being biased to gender is their physical fitness test, because men and women are not required to achieve the same amount of repetitions for the test. Another vital example is women authors not using their real name but an allies' instead. The author of Harry Potter uses her initials simply because she did not want anyone to be gender bias against her books. It says allot when women will go to changing their name in the author section just to escape a gender bias or hassle. Women are not only doing these little things everyday but all day in everything they do to escape gender discrimination.

Men in the Medical Field

Have you ever seen an old time movie where all nurses are always women? Most people have a preconceived notion in their head about only women are allowed to be nurses. In the film Meet the Parents the character Greg Focker happens to be a male nurse. There are many puns and emphasis made by the girlfriends' father about the fact that the character is a male nurse. The author of the film put a large emphasis and irony on this detail because it is uncommon. I believe that the real reason that the director of the film put emphasis on it because it is a stereo type that only women are supposed to be nurses. It is very uncommon that men are nurses just because of the fact that there is stigma about it. Most men will not take a job or even study in school for specific things just because it is preserved as a "women's job".

Sexual Revolution Today

Why do people think that because women and men have changed roles it is big news? Today you often see articles about women becoming the head of household and men staying at home because it is different to the 'norm'. I believe the reason why people emphasis on these articles because of the societies



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