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Women in the Workplace - Before, During, and After Ww2

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Essay Preview: Women in the Workplace - Before, During, and After Ww2

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Women in the Workforce

Before, During, and After WW2

Women before the war were always thought of as being less superior to men especially in the working field. Women were supposed to be seen, not heard. The only work women were really allowed to do is stay at home work, such as: wash dishes, cook, clean, and take care of kids. This all changed when WW2 started and a lot of men went to war. There were very few men to take over jobs and somebody needed to do it, that's when the women stepped in. This is what changed the idea of women working in the workforce. Women were a big part of the war and maybe the main reason why the U.S. and the allies won in WW2.

In WW1 women did have some jobs in the workplace and actually started to feel like they were worth something. After WW1 though, many men came back to America and had to have jobs so they took many of the women's jobs because they were still looked at as better workers. But after WW2 women proved a point and kept jobs after this war. During WW2 women still did not make as much as men but this would soon change after America saw what women could actually do in the workforce.

During WW2 many men went to war and many jobs opened up so women had to take some of them. In the time of the war 2 million jobs were taken by women as they were a big impact on the war. Women were seen to work as hard as the men and after a while they were making near or as much as the men. Also while women were working jobs away from home they also worked at home where they still had to cook meals for their family and some planted victory gardens since a lot of food was going to the soldiers and America just did not have much food. Women built many weapons in the workplace. This was a dangerous job, with one wrong move something could explode and kill anyone near the area. This was really strenuous work and with all the work at home it was an amazing task that the women did while the men were at war. Because of this women were possibly the main reason as to why the allies won WW2.

After the war women were seen as capable of working as well as men in the workforce. After the war women were making just as much as the men and held many jobs which boosted our economy after the war. Soon women were taking important and powerful positions like taking spots in congress. Even though a woman hasn't been a president we can see they can compete with the men in the workforce and some day we might have a female president.

Women have become a big part in the workforce and still are today ever since WW2. They are making just as much as men are today and are still doing work around the house. The big jump in women's jobs was after WW2 because America saw that they could work proficiently and might have won the war for us. Now women are even in the military. Women are not considered less than men in the workforce



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