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Workplace Communication

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Workplace Communication

Brandy Kimmel


September 29, 2014

Janet Chappell

Workplace Communication

According to Conrad (2014), “without workplace communication, nothing would be accomplished” (p. 105). There are several forms of communication that take place in the workplace. E-mails, memos, letters, manuals, and websites are some of those forms of communication. Figure 1 shows a comparison of how to use these forms of writing in the workplace.

Figure 1.

Written communication method Purpose in the workplace Technical or expository writing Why the classification was chosen

E-mail Internal and external communications Technical & Expository E-mail is used for technical, occupational or personal communications.

Memo Internal communication Technical Memos are typically technical or occupational based.

Letter External/sensitive communication Technical & Expository Letters are much like e-mail and are used for technical, occupational or personal communications purposes.

Manual Procedure documentation Technical Manuals are geared more towards technical and occupational communications.

Website Internal and external informative communication Technical & Expository Websites are used to inform both consumers and employees and can be used for technical, occupational or personal communication.

Other Internal and external communication Expository Instant messengers and similar forms of communication are used more for personal communication rather than technical or occupational communication.

Organizations often have policies stating which forms of writing are appropriate forms of communication between co-workers, as well as consumers. I worked for a major retail organization which uses several of the methods described in figure 1. E-mails were used for communication between in-house management, other stores in the retail chain, and corporate offices. Memos were used by management to communicate important details to employees. Letters were used to communicate certain information to employees and consumers such as; customer return information and employee benefit information. Manuals were used to relay policies and procedures needed for uniform working conditions. Websites were used for training employees and updating consumers on product information. Out of all the methods of communication used within this retail organization, neither technical nor expository writing is used any more



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