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Turn Down the Cough - Turn up Relief

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Essay Preview: Turn Down the Cough - Turn up Relief

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Turn Down the Cough, Turn up Relief

A cough can be very disturbing, no matter what you are doing. Commercial uses logos about Delsym cough syrup medicine, and how it could help to control or relief your cough. The commercial is showing ethos to be responsible of how to take care of your cough as a mother. With the commercial is showing the pathos it might help the men how to respond to take care of the cough better.

The wife and husband are sitting down cuddling together in the evening on their soft white couch inside their home watching a movie called, "Solving Mystery" black and white television program. The wife wearing a blue t-shirt with a white sweater over her, and blue jeans. The husband sitting next to her wearing a dark blue sweater with a white t-shirt under it and gray slacks. They were enjoying the program together, when suddenly the husband starts to cough. The wife is getting annoyed by his cough, so she grabs the remote for the television and turns up the volume on the television to hear the program over his cough. While she was doing that, her husband's cough is getting louder and louder. The wife is getting annoyed with his cough, so she got up quickly to get some cough medicine for her husband. She goes to another room and opened a cabinet door and there it is: Delsym cough syrup medicine. It is in a bright orange box with a twelve hour clock on the front of the box. Then the wife grabs the box off the shelf and it is for adults, so that she could give it to her husband.

The wife comes back with the Delsym cough medicine and sits down next to her husband on the couch and points the box at him, using it to turn his cough down just like a television remote to give him relief from his cough. Then the husband's cough stops, and he feels relief that he is not coughing anymore. So, they both are sitting down together cuddling again, and relaxing and enjoying the movie program that they are watching without any interruption. Then later the son walks down the stairs, wearing a blue t-shirt with a light gray hoody jacket with a logo writing on it and blue jeans, he starts to cough. The mother just knew what to do, so she grabs the Delsym cough syrup medicine for children off the coffee table. Like she did before with her husband, she points the Delsym cough medicine box at her son and turns down his cough to relieve his cough like a television remote. The parents can enjoy the rest of the movie without any interruptions. The child and husband are relieved from their coughs.

This commercial advertisement is about logos, ethos and pathos. They are using this commercial to sell this cough medicine because doctors recommended it as a number on twelve hour relief cough medicine. It target a single or married mother on how to use their instincts, how they can take care of themselves or their children without any hesitation. It also can target single men to teach them what they can use to treat a cough.

This is also using ethos, with us mothers have the responsibility of taking care of our children and husband. If you did not take care of your cough things can turn to the worst. That possibly you might have to admit them to the hospital if you do not take care of your responsibility, it is our responsible to take care them.

This is about logos because it has reasons for any mother to respond to any sickness their child or husband may come down with. A wife or mother has good instincts of what to do on the circumstance of illness on their husband or child to help them feel relief. A mother has a strong instinct, kind of like a nurse who knows what to do to fix the sickness. This commercial is targeting the mothers, to use this product to help them with cough problems.



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