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Xmgt 216 - Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Essay Preview: Xmgt 216 - Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Kala Ryan


Daniel Mitchell


Virtual Organization

Huffman Trucking has been an established well known trucking company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1936 this company was founded by K. Huffman. Due to the demand of road carrier companies during WWII the company gained success very quickly gaining it fame and a well-built reputation. One of its biggest clients is the U.S. government. In 1945 the company made its first expansion consisted of increasing the fleet size to 16 trucks and 36 trailers. The company has over the years expanded its regions to be from the West coast to the East coast. They now have multiple locations nationwide including Cleveland, OH, Las Angeles, CA, St. Louis, MO, and Bayonne, NJ.

Having locations in many different areas of the country allows them to be able to deliver products to any place in the United States. Being able to cover more areas of the country will allow for more customers to come to Huffman Trucking since they will be seen and heard about by more people. Having more customers asking for business will mean that the company will get more and more revenue. Gaining revenue will mean more profit for the company which will turn into more money to pay all of Huffman Trucking's employees which makes them all happy.

A moral dilemma that I personally see the company has is paying all of its customers on a consistent basis. Since there is locations in every region in the country it means that they are all region based on prices and pay to their employees. Due to the way that the economy is these days every region in the country is suffering but differently from each other. The location in Las Angeles is able to still pay the employees great amount of pay whereas the Cleveland location has suffered greatly since Ohio is a suffering state in this economy cannot pay the employees as much. Once employees who work at different locations for the same business start to find out about any pay differences between locations they will start to want to know why there is differences in pay when they all do the same kind of work. Once you have disgruntle employees who are complaining about pay not being the same for doing the same jobs will make the owners think morally whether it is fair to not have the same base line amount for all locations across the nation. Another moral dilemma is how many employees you are willing to hire and that you cannot discriminate against any race or skin color. If you do then your current employees will think down upon the owners and managers for hating against people and will want to leave the company because it is not equal opportunity based.

Ethical dilemmas could be something such as the same ground rules for all company locations



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