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Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Home

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Essay Preview: Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Home

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 Cera, Deanna R.



        Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s HOME is a documentary that shows the evolution of the Earth and its condition. It showed the peaceful interdependence among different biotic and abiotic forms and how the world manages to maintain a harmonious cycle. It then incorporated many real life events that portray the disruption of this cycle leading to the drastic destruction of the Earth.

        The documentary’s primary goal is to raise awareness about the present and projected future state of world. It showed how breathtaking it originally was before humans were introduced, then showed how these humans managed to destroy Earth’s perfect balance just 200,000 years after their first existence.

        The documentary showed that human activities are a catalyst of world destruction. These humans started from a simple subsistence economy and now living in new industrialized lives with new and higher demands. This change in the way of living is what they call ‘development’. Being their usual irrational selves aiming for personal satisfaction, people do things without taking into account the consequences which usually damages Earth’s condition. Examples of which are overusing lands for crops leading to their infertility, building many plantations and factories which aggravates pollution, excessive cutting of trees which contributes to the increase of greenhouse gases, and etc. All these human activities have many adverse effects; some of the most prominent are the loss of source of livelihood, widespread hunger, climate change, destruction of home/habitat, and destruction of the world as a whole. A development indeed.

         Ice caps are melting, extinction is becoming prominent, forests are disappearing, ozone is depleting. The earth is dying, and it’s because of us and our ironic way of living. As we aim for a more comfortable life, sustaining our existence gets harder and harder; and as we cut trees to provide more room for new houses, we are slowly demolishing our one true home, Earth.



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