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Zinn Case

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Wherever one is, there will always be at least one thing that they are not entirely pleased with. The New World is a perfect example. An abundant amount of English wanted to see if their life would be better in the colonies. In the colonies there were rebellions, laws, and servants, which did not make the land spectacular, by any means. After a while, the Whites had developed and extreme fear of servants' revolutions, in some areas, the slave majority was greater than the Whites. This made them fear. Yet not only were the slaves Black, but a portion of them were also White slaves, there difference between the two grew stronger and stronger as time had passed. Segregation was becoming "normal".

Rebellions occurred ever since the start of segregation, but when it began to rise, along with it raised the revolutions towards the whites. The main uprisings we caused by Nathaniel Bacon. Bacon was raised in an area where his family had a decent size of land, and was vague about wanting to redress the needs of poor in the area. Though, his family was eager to kill Indians. These rebellions were frightening, so frightening that the England sent soldiers to help stabilize the areas of chaotic messes. Indians were a conflict of Bacon's Rebellion, because of the numerous amounts of threats they had made upon the western frontier. The House of Burgesses in Jamestown declared war on the Indians. The few that did resent to Whites were not included in the war. This was not acceptable to many people, being "nice" to the Indians. The majority of the people on the frontiers wanted total war, yet that would also result in higher taxes. The rebellion it self did not last as long as expected. An small hidden pyramid formed; At the top was the King, second was England itself, next was the colony as a whole, which came from the Jamestown elite, that descended from the taxes, then at the bottom were the angry frontiersmen, and beneath them were the Indians. People began to see the form. They tried to prevent it from going farther by maintaining the wealth. This can still be a problem today. The area between the rich and the poor grew more vided closer to the seventeen hundreds.

The poor that were found begging, were often sent out of the colony, stripped of part of their clothing and could have been also whipped. The way these beggars came to be could verify. From having a great life and losing it all when came to the colonies, to need to rapidly flee from their ways of living and treatment. A portion of women who came to America were whipped and sadly raped also. Four out of five servants died of just disease after reaching the Americans. Then of course there were the dreamers, who came to America for wanting to make profits by creating a plantation. In order to operate a plantation one needs workers, but workers cost money, therefore their dreams are ruined and they end up begging and/or becoming



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