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"arctic Home" Case

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Essay Preview: "arctic Home" Case

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" Arctic Home" as a theme for this campaign which organized by Coca-coal Company and WWF ( World Wildlife Fund ) in Dec 6, 2011. Today, global warming is leading to dramatically melting ice in Polar, which probably disappear in several years later. Thus Coca-coal Company and wildlife fund have decided to help polar bears save them home together. The idea for this saving campaign is trying to gather at least $15 million to rebuild Polar bears' home in the arctic. At this campaign, the CEO of Coca-Cola, Abby Rodgers claims:" we regard Sustainability is a business fundamental for Coca-Cola." In order to meet this campaign's theme, Coca turned the traditional red cans to white; and it does not mean diet coke. Coca believed the white cans can be more attractive for customers, and they also hoped all coca-cola lovers would take part in this campaign to help "Arctic Home".


Since 2007, Coca has already donated money to WWF in order to support the Arctic research; the research was going to track the footprints of polar bears, found them and protected them. In fact, the relationship between Coca-Cola Company and Polar bears should go back decades. In 1922, polar bears had already appeared in the print ad from Coca-coal. On other words, Polar bear helped Coca to be well known brand for many years. And now , it's time for Coca to help Polar bear save their home in the arctic. And how we can help to run this campaign, Coca company produced a limited amount of Arctic Home cans (white cans with read Coca-coal words) over the world, each can includes a code in a package or bottom. These codes are using to donate money online by individuals. So far, Coca cola has already built an Arctic Home, where provided similar place for polar bears to live. Coca has invested about $2 million to create this Arctic home, and now they are trying to persuade customers to donate up to $1 million improve arctic home.

This campaign looks like aimed to the groups of Coca lovers, actually, at more accurate term, this event is encouraging everyone to take action for helping build Arctic home. Because the human activity are directly affect climate change, and now everyone has responsibility to deal with this issue. In my opinion, this campaign mainly aims to some specific audiences, for government, these government officers are supposed to inject the awareness of lower-carbon for citizens. For business owners, this campaign is a positive modal which they all need to forward. According to the website of Arctic Home ( , when we first time logo in , there is a particular short video script that illustrates what exact polar bears living environment looks like. When you skip the video , there is a big conspicuous word "Donate" in the center of the website. Then kick it, there are two ways we can donate money, one is by mobile phone



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