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"concrete Angel" Song Analysis

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Essay Preview: "concrete Angel" Song Analysis

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Martina McBride's "Concrete Angel" describes a little girl trapped in a life of turmoil. Her short innocent life lived in vein as neglect and abuse plague her. The adults around her aware of her anguish, but unfortunately do nothing about it. They would rather not be involved in such a complex situation. Instead they turn their backs on her and leave her defenseless to a cruel fate. Through the lyrics of McBride her life and burden have been written to bring awareness to others.

This little girl's story begins when she is simply walking to school "she walks to school with a lunch she packed" (1) a sense of disappear sets the mood for the song. A little girl walks to school as if passively going to school. She does not seem excited to go or seem resistant. She packs her own lunch as well, while other children her own age have their parents pack their lunches. This indicates that she does things on her own and that she is independent.

The song continues "nobody knows what she's holdin' back" (2) Insight into how this girl feels and how the people around her cannot tell what's going on. Also that she does not have someone to converse with to tell them how she feels. The girl not very outgoing makes herself inclusive. Others tuck her in the corner and go on with their daily lives.

However, her physical pain is revealed " Wearin' the same dress she wore yesterday/ she hides the bruises with linen and lace" (3-4) She wears the same dress everyday due to the neglectfulness at home. The linen and lace are fragile materials that are commonly easy to see through. Her bruises show through the lace. In order to cover them up she adds linen under the lace. These materials not only items she wears but they represent her as a person. They are both thin and fragile.

In addition to her burden the adults in her life see her burden however; they turn a blind eye to what is going on. "The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask" (5) the teacher knows and sees what is happening, unfortunately she ignores the facts. Scared for one reason or another such as not wanting to make false assumption or accusation.

Furthermore "It's hard to see the pain behind the mask" (6) it is revealed that this little girl not only is independent but also that she is a strong person. She keeps to herself not opening up to anyone or seeking help. She puts on a false personality that depicts that nothing is wrong. While really her emotions are ramped and depressing.

Her emotional pain she keeps bottled up "Bearing the burden of a secret storm" (7) this girl does not let out her feelings they are slowly building up inside her. One says it will hit and she will not be able to overcome to the emotional turmoil. The stresses of her life built upside her will eventually be released.

In the same way "Sometimes she wishes she was never born"



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