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"kameo" Case Study

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Company Kameo Limited.

Cameo House Co.., Ltd..

dates established. February 13, 2528. visions. "Kameo" I will continue to offer products for beauty consumers through "Sales Professional". along with. full support from the team all the team. "Sales Professional" to succeed the way to progress. And the growth of "Kameo" in future business. lingerie. Care and to shape Hawaii's tropical ... Brother wonderful function library serves healthcare. And shape of the breasts and beautiful. With genuine in nature. By collecting all the breast meat in a triangle configuration. In the correct position by the body. was being crushed. And a deer on the supporting plate. Weight of the breast. Will be provided throughout the library by engineering three reasons. suspension (suspension), pressure (thrust) and the weight (gravity). relieve the weight off of the shoulders. Fabric ribbon shoulder straps that do not stretch the breast by a swaying motion to prevent sagging. Worn close to the body curve fit every body. Is a flexible and elastic under the Mille wrapped shape mold ... it is a function library. To help keep the compact shape of the breasts. The proportions are a wonderful stay ... standup function. allowing a brace to tighten the excess. Highlight the contours of the body. provide a proportional confidence. Using fabric special design and meticulous in detail by an expert body. , to host a series of acts to shape the body. 's each woman is different. standup fashion Kameo's designer pajama set. Casual clothing conceals it. was called standup fashion sewing with the meticulous craftsmanship and materials, textures and colors to form beautiful. Personality, tastes and to suit the application. It can also be set to sleep. Casual wear these worn with a pretty set of your favorite series in a MIX & MATCH. products clean standup care products clean underwear , clean underwear to Danu nourish ingredients neutral (pH. Balance). , and concentrated in flavor Floral (Floral Essence). mild to washing. Mixing triclosan. (Triclosan). , which has anti-bacterial properties help. Help clean cloth. No musty smells and vibrant colors with a mixture of Tinopal CBS-X. named CEO. complete your supplements Connection / President. Mrs.Sermsook Buranaphan / MD. K. Kan Mycology Governance / Executive Vice President. Ms.Supira Witayakarn / Assistant MD. Vichaya complete your Associate / Senior Vice President. Mr. Vichaya Buranaphan / Assistant MD. listing agent you Kanchana. I rang Pat's Tax / Finance Manager and parties. Ms. Kanjana Prapatrungsri / Finance & HR. names or contact your Kanchana. I rang Pat's Tax / Finance Manager and parties. Ms. Kanjana Prapatrungsri / Finance & HR. Property Office. No. 413/1-3 Sukhumvit 55, Sukhumvit Rd. Wattana. Bangkok 10110. calls. 0-2185-1522 - 7. , fax 0-2185-1532. experts call. 0-2712-6104. E-Mail:.


sector advanced product of Unilever.


to life fueled Adding Vitality To Life. categories. sold at several MLM (MULTI - LEVEL MARKETING). types of products. *. Skin care products (Skin Care). * Care. And Hair (Hair Care). * Cosmetics (Color Care). * supplement (Health Care).


companies Unilever Thai Trading Co., Ltd.

, No. 18 Building, Commercial



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