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"once upon a Time" Movie Review

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Essay Preview: "once upon a Time" Movie Review

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Once Upon a Time

"Once Upon a Time" is a new way to fill your Sunday nights. Sunday at 7 P.M. on ABC, a great new show about a fairy tale coming to life is on. That may sound weird, a fairy tale coming to life, but I promise you it's not. "Once Upon a Time" is a fairy tale for older viewers. There is action, romance, adventure and violence, making it a show that fits all personalities because of the violence; it might not be the best show for younger viewers. Also it has a plot that jumps around, with flash backs, therefore making it hard to follow. Especially for the young viewers out there.

This show is a twisted story of Snow White. The Wicked Queen puts a curse on the characters of this story and sends them to the real world. Where there are no happy endings. All the characters live together as friends unknowing of their fairy tale life. They live in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine. The show goes through how the characters handle being thrown into a real world, trying to find who they really are.

The characters are widely spread and are based on the original Snow White story we all think of.

Characters: Evil Queen or Regina, played by Lana Parrilla. She the curse on the characters, and live there with them, making sure they don't find out about their other life.

Prince Charming or John Doe played by Josh Pallas. He is the husband of Snow White in the fairy tale land.

Snow White or Mary Margaret played by Ginnifer Goodwin. She has a baby girl, and gives her a coat closet made from a magic tree, that keeps the curse off of her hoping that in 28 years, she would come save her and Charming.

Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison, the daughter of Snow White and Charming. She grows up in the real world as an orphan. She has a son and puts him up for adoption when she was 18.

Henry, played by Jared Gilmore. The son of Emma, who is adopted by the evil queen. He knows that the fairy tale land is there other life.

Over all, "Once Upon a Time" is a great T. V. show, worth tuning into. I give it four stars.



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