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Last update: December 11, 2015
  • Black Saturday Crisis 1983

    Black Saturday Crisis 1983

    Introduction In 1983, Black Saturday crisis occurred and there was an uncertain fluctuation in domestic currency. Thus, linked exchange rate system was introduced. Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is linked with United States dollar (USD) at HKD7.8=USD1. Today, property prices in Hong Kong are at a high record and some say that this is due to the linked exchange rate system. In the following, we will analyze the relationship between the Hong Kong Linked Exchange Rate

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    Submitted: March 14, 2013 Essay by rayli0328
  • Economic Crisis

    Economic Crisis

    The recent economic crisis continues to spread, the world economy is immersed in trough. Market economy's malpractice appears day by day, people pay more and more attention to government regulation, and governments also actively take measures and hope that economy recovers as soon as possible. As we all know, the market economy has three main flaws. First, market regulation has spontaneity. Producers and operators will blindly pursue the interests, they may not pay attention to

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    Submitted: March 18, 2013 Essay by Imagicwu121311
  • Setting up of Banks by Corporates

    Setting up of Banks by Corporates

    Background of Indian Banking Indian banking system, over the years has gone through various phases after the establishment of Reserve Bank of India in 1935 during the British rule, to function as Central Bank of the country. Earlier to creation of RBI, the central bank functions were being looked after by the Imperial Bank of India. With the 5-year plan having acquired an important place after the independence, the Govt. felt that the private banks

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    Submitted: March 25, 2013 Essay by chugh
  • Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process

    Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process

    Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper Nick Thakurani FIN/402 September 23, 2012 Al Marable Today's business world is growing at a rapid pace. The industries in the business world are getting more competitive and to maintain a competitive advantage a business must perform the best possible investments and decisions. Investment banks perform a number of important services to the business world and economy. Investment banks process form an Initial Public Offering is very crucial.

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    Submitted: April 1, 2013 Essay by neddy18
  • Charles Banks Case

    Charles Banks Case

    Charles Banks and his family were pretty close to the Clark family and the Clark family was pretty close to Charles. The Clarks were a very nice and reasonable people. They allowed their employees to bring their children to work. The Banks' and the Clark's relationship was an everlasting one. Charles often spoke about his relationships with his white friends. His white friends were very nice to him and his family. The Clark family helped

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    Submitted: April 14, 2013 Essay by jennifer1.escalo
  • Information Security Threats to the Banking Industry

    Information Security Threats to the Banking Industry

    Information Security Threats to the Banking Industry Our customers were potential targets for many illegal security attacks. There are three major threats to the personal banking system. They are credit/debit card fraud, electronic fraud, and identity fraud. There are other threats that financial institutions are facing such as; increased insider threat, Mobile Banking Attacks, and Telephone based fraud. The banking industry is facing more and more threats each day as they become more and more

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    Submitted: April 27, 2013 Essay by robert
  • Risk Management in Bank of Baroda

    Risk Management in Bank of Baroda


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    Submitted: May 14, 2013 Essay by dsirisha
  • European Financial Crisis

    European Financial Crisis

    Introduction The negative effects of economic regression in any particular region area can be addressed effectively through critical analysis of the potential causes of the recession. Particularly interesting, is the recent European financial crisis and the immense impact it had on Greek's economy. To gain better understanding of this globally influential aspect, the research project was divided into several phases. The first phase of the research project entailed the creation of an outline for exploration

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    Submitted: May 21, 2013 Essay by rinkashifu
  • Cuban Crisis

    Cuban Crisis

    In the year 1962 October 14, an American U2 plane flew over Cuba. The U2 plane took pictures of secret missile sites, along with multiple long-range nuclear missiles. The United States (U.S.) accused the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R.) of supplying Cuba with long-range nuclear missiles, as well as medium-ranged R-12 missiles. Responding to the discovery of the missile sites, U.S. President John F. Kennedy, set up a Committee of the National Security Council

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    Submitted: May 23, 2013 Essay by RedShirt
  • Current Business Issues - Bank Regulations

    Current Business Issues - Bank Regulations

    LB5214 Current Business Issues JCUS, Study Period 51, 2013 Banks must be controlled strictly because they are inefficient Lecturer: Dr. John Vong Tutor: Dr Alan Ang Pranav Seth - 12814308 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction & Scope 4 Background 4 Issues, Problems & Discussion 5 Bindingness 6 Effectiveness 7 Recommendations 8 Retail Ring-Fencing 8 Volcker Rule 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Executive Summary It is very clear from the recent financial crisis and

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    Submitted: May 24, 2013 Essay by Pranavset
  • Wil-Mor Technologies: Is There a Crisis?

    Wil-Mor Technologies: Is There a Crisis?

    Wil-Mor Technologies: Is There a Crisis? As of February 1997, there are significant problems in the relationship between Wilson and Morota, the respective American and Japanese auto-manufacturing suppliers that have created the Joint Venture Wil-Mor. There is a major concern that this JV is still unprofitable (since its launch in 1994), despite its relative successes in gaining market share and sharing knowledge and expertise across the two companies. The two parent companies are at odds

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    Submitted: May 27, 2013 Essay by pittsteel16
  • Crisis Case

    Crisis Case

    Why do organizations grow? What types of major crisis is an organization likely to encounter as it grows? The first step to business growth is selling of the products and services that are produced by the business. It's not enough to simply makes or provide something for the general public and then a few units are sold. There must be massive amounts of sales from various customers in order to make large profits which is

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    Submitted: July 10, 2013 Essay by minhhong
  • Project Plan - the Eastland Mall Branch Bank Project

    Project Plan - the Eastland Mall Branch Bank Project

    Assignments Group assignment 1 The Eastland Mall Branch Bank Project Due date Question 1 Develop a project charter for the original project. A project charter is intended to be the document that launches the project. eastland mall branch bank project page 1 of 11 From Kerzner; Project Management for Executives, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1982, pp 150--157. This case is meant a basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of

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    Submitted: July 31, 2013 Essay by Makobe
  • Global Financial Crisis

    Global Financial Crisis

    "To support decisions taken by both the providers of funds and the users of funds, the financial system is ... a provider of financial and economic information to market participants" (Viney, 2012, p. 8 Provide an example of the consequences of incomplete information for the financial system from recent history. How have market participants and market regulators responded to the issue of incomplete information? Abstract It has been seen that imperfect information can cause a

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    Submitted: August 13, 2013 Essay by tatikhalomeri
  • Financial Crisis

    Financial Crisis

    To: Management Team From: The Crisis Team Date: July 20, 2013 Subject: Financial Crisis Robert Special, the company's Chief Financial Officer suddenly has resigned because there are speculations against him regarding inappropriate use of accounting practices. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating the issue at hand and our company's accounting practices. Based on the documents they have requested, the SEC believes the issue concerns revenue recognition. Along with this memo to management

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    Submitted: August 24, 2013 Essay by jgoudeau33
  • Thomas Green Paper: Power, office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

    Thomas Green Paper: Power, office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

    Thomas Green Paper: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis Vanessa D. Goins Grand Canyon University LDR-610-0101 Power, Politics, and Influence Brian Lahargoue July 20, 2013 Thomas Green 's actions as a senior market specialist was not meeting Frank Davis's expectations A senior market specialist job is responsible for identifying industry trends, evaluating new business opportunities, and establishing sales goals(Sasser & Beckham, 2008).Shannon McDonald had hired Green because she was counting on him to

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    Submitted: August 26, 2013 Essay by vessay39
  • Dbs Bank - Reasons for Issuance of Preference Shares

    Dbs Bank - Reasons for Issuance of Preference Shares

    1. Introduction Recently, Singapore's largest bank, DBS, has taken the wraps off a $500 million preference share issue that qualifies for Tier 1 capital to retail investors. This is in spite of over-subscription from institutions. DBS has offered to pay 4.7% dividends on a semi-annual basis for this preference share which beats the meagre 0.125% interest offered on bank savings accounts. These preference shares are non-convertible, non-voting and unlike general preference shares, they are non-cumulative.

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    Submitted: September 25, 2013 Essay by 1234hi5
  • Thomas Paine's Claims in "the American Crisis"

    Thomas Paine's Claims in "the American Crisis"

    Thomas Paine's Claims in "The American Crisis" By: Jesse Timmons (September/22/2013) The claim for the first paragraph is: "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country but that stands in NOW, deserves the love and thanks of a man and woman. Paine supports this by saying: "Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict,

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    Submitted: September 30, 2013 Essay by jesse97lee
  • The Real Crisis? Gerrymandering

    The Real Crisis? Gerrymandering

    In "The Real Crisis? Gerrymandering", Daniel Gaynor pursuades the reader to redirect their attention from the government shutdown to gerrymandering, what he believes allowed the shutdown to happen. He starts out by stating that due to the "packing" and "cracking" tendencies involved in gerrymandering, it creates a less democratic election. He goes on to when it all began in 1812 with Elbridge Gerry, the first to use such tactics to insure his place in office.

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    Submitted: October 14, 2013 Essay by yointslovbryant
  • Sikhism Created in Crisis

    Sikhism Created in Crisis

    Sikhism: Created in Crisis Sikhism is a vibrant faith that was founded and began in the first part of the fifteenth century in the region of Punjab a province of India. Since then the religion has spread to every corner and continent of the world. The first founding teacher of the Sikhism religion, name was Guru Nanak, Guru means the ("spiritual leader, enlightener, the messenger"). He had an unalterable belief that all of mankind was

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    Submitted: October 20, 2013 Essay by dratliff
  • Crisis Intervention Models

    Crisis Intervention Models

    Crisis Intervention Models For this week 2 discussion question, I will select two crisis intervention models, telephone crisis counseling and Critical Incident Stress Management, (CISM), and briefly explain what they do and the strategies used for both. Next, I will explain why they resonate with me, and how I might conduct work in the area of crisis intervention. Finally, I will explain two strengths and two limitations of each of these models. Telephone Crisis Counseling

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    Submitted: November 1, 2013 Essay by KellyHanson5
  • What Role Did the Korean Government Play in Creating the 1997 Crisis

    What Role Did the Korean Government Play in Creating the 1997 Crisis

    What role did the Korean government play in creating the 1997 crisis? The Korean government played a significant and costly role in creating the 1997 crisis that ultimately led to the country accruing more debt and severely weakening their currency. After becoming President, Kim Young-Sam set out to boost the economy by encouraging investment in businesses that focused on exporting goods by urging the chaebol to invest heavily in factories using short-term loans beyond the

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    Submitted: November 18, 2013 Essay by Takara1
  • Banking Industry

    Banking Industry

    I have been working in the banking industry for over fifteen years. Nowadays, the banking industry has changed so much in comparison to the banking industry a decade ago. Technological advances have revolutionized people's banking habits. Advance technology has given people more options than just coming in physically into the bank to conduct account transactions. In this paper, I will compare banking in the past versus banking today and how technology has played such an

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    Submitted: November 24, 2013 Essay by klau25
  • Inspiration Subprime Crisis

    Inspiration Subprime Crisis

    First, the subprime crisis problems reflected the existence of derivative financial product regulation 1, no early to predict crises . Began in the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis , Like the previous financial crisis , even though some experts and regulators aware of which There may be a security risk , but whether it will cause a crisis , will cause more than Large degree of loss , when the crisis broke out in other related

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    Submitted: November 27, 2013 Essay by jtl20054
  • Hrm in Ireland

    Hrm in Ireland

    HRM in Ireland With traditional approaches to HRM and employee relations in Ireland being confronted, there is significant evidence to show that this is caused by the wider business environment rather than within the structure as a whole. (P. Gunnigle, P37) Ireland is largely dependent on multinationals and international trade and changes within this wider business circle would have serious ramifications for Ireland. As competition is increasing organisations must centre their attention on cost, product

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    Submitted: December 3, 2013 Essay by stephsk

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