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Exams Should Be Banned from Schools

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Examination is a phobia, not an assessment of a child's performance

I agree with the above statement. Exams have always been a headache and I believe it will continue to be so. As we flit along the happy days of our academic career, exams always appear as speed-breakers stopping the rapid steps of the young souls. Exams are like devils, ready to devour all happiness into its stomach. Before it starts, we begin waiting when will it end. The last examination brings along with it a sigh of relief on the gloomy faces. The spirits which had suffocated in the noxious surrounding of books get released from the prison of burden. It feels like flying in the air like a bereft bird.

I don't support that it is an assessment for the students. Rather, I feel it's a burden:

Those days are just boredom-hardly any sleep, mugging up things, minds cramming up with words and syllables that seem like total strangers. The live spirits get compacted within the world of books, trying their best to retire as early as possible from that world. Glowing faces decolorize; smiles vanish, frowns appear; visages try to be fresh, but hairs speak something else; mouths try to speak, but throat wants to vomit ; butts want to defecate, but reflexes try to abstain; hands want to write, but fingers try to subdue; eyes want to close, but mind tries to continue; ears want solitude, but diabolic syllables keep on ringing; blood vessels want to urinate, but nervousness tries to prevent; the body wants to rest, but the only imagination of failing motivates to persevere. Wouldn't a permanent rest be better?!!

I approve that education is necessary, but do exams are?

What do we do during exams? Mug up things that we don't understand and pour them out on answer sheets? If the exam goes well, we dance and sing, boasting our preparations....but if not, we quietly go back home with a sad and small face, blaming everyone possible-teacher for setting difficult question paper, for strict checking of answer scripts; friends for not helping and invigilators for not allowing to cheat....and finally we say other schools are far better. So what's the use? What benefit do we earn from exams? What we learn for a test, we forget after giving the next exam-so the question of remembering doesn't even arise!

Some say if there won't be exams, the wards will not study. But if there are exams also, how many study? Two, four, or maximum five out of ten! If they don't want to study, will exams really help them?

Suppose, a child is giving literature test on 'As You Like It' and he studies all the scenes well, except for one due to shortage of time. In the board exams if he encounters a question from that scene and he is unable to answer satisfactorily, then, does it mean that he hadn't studied? But the one correcting his paper will get that impression only. If he gets less mark, does it mean he is not capable? This shows the inefficiency of exams.

Albert Einstein used to fail in mathematics. Then did it mean that he had no concept of Mathematics? Then how come one knows the formula: 'e=mc2'? If not then how can we say that exams correctly assesses us? If Bill Gates had only given up because he used to fail till standard


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