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Nutrition Paper

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Nutrition 120

Diet  Analysis Project, due April 19, 2012


Completing this project will allow students to practice the following skills:

  • Estimate daily nutritional needs
  • Keep a detailed 3-day food record
  • Analyze the food record to determine actual intake of specific nutrients
  • Compare actual intake to estimated needs
  • Plan actions to improve daily intake


  • Calculate your Estimated Energy Requirement, using the attached form.  Calculate your recommended macronutrient needs as 55% CHO, 30% fat, 15% protein. Fill in your calculated needs on the table.  Fill in your RDAs for the micronutrients listed from the charts at the back of the textbook.
  • Keep a detailed record of everything you eat for 3 consecutive days, with at least one of them being a weekend day (ex. Thu-Fri-Sat or Sun-Mon-Tue).  You may turn in a NEAT, LEGIBLE handwritten copy or type your record to hand in.  Measure, or estimate to the best of your ability, the amounts/portion size of each food you eat. (ex.  “1 c. 2% milk” or “3 oz baked chicken breast with skin”).  You might find it helpful to also include the time the foods were eaten.
  • Analyze your food record.  You may use the online MyDiet Analysis program that comes with the textbook; the SuperTracker at; the USDA food database at (click on Food and Nutrition, then click on What’s in the foods you eat—search tool); the free, downloadable nutrition software at; the food lists in the textbook; or other approved lists (check with me).  The program you use must include all nutrients required to be analyzed in this project, as indicated on the diet analysis form.
  • Fill in your daily and three-day average nutrients on the attached form
  • Compare your daily and average nutrients to your EER and RDAs.
  • Write a paragraph (5-8 sentences) on how your actual intake compares to your recommended intake.
  • Write one to three paragraphs on how you might improve your diet to bring it closer to your recommended values.  Include 2 to 3 suggestions for change and how you might implement those suggestions.
  • Submit the following documents:
  • Your 3-day food record (this can be LEGIBLY hand written or typed)
  • Your diet analysis data (either computer printout or typed manual list if using USDA database)
  • The attached diet analysis form with your EER/RDAs and the summary of your diet analysis  (show your macronutrient calculations)
  • One paragraph comparing actual to recommended intake
  • One to three paragraphs on diet improvement
  • Documents should be typed, printed and stapled together.

Grading Rubric

3-day food record                                                        20 points

Diet analysis data                                                        20 points

Completed diet analysis form                                        30 points        

Intake comparison paragraph                                        10 points

Diet improvement paragraph(s)                                         20 points

Total                                                                        100 points

Diet Analysis Form

Calculate your EER:

1.  First, complete the information below.

        a.  My age is ____20______.

        b.  My physical activity during the day based on the chart below is_Active______.

        Physical Activity____________________        Male                Female

        Sedentary (no exercise)                                1.00                1.00

        Low active (walks ~2 miles/d at 3-4 mph)        1.11                1.12

        Active (walks ~7 miles/d at 3-4 mph)                1.26                1.27

        Very active (walks ~17 miles/d at 3-4 mph)        1.48                1.45

        c.  My weight in pounds is ____135_____ divided by 2.2 = _____61.4_______ kg

        d.  My height in inches is ____71________ divided by 39.4 = ______1.8____ m

  1. Using your answers from each section in step 1, complete the following calculation based on your gender and age.

Males, 19+ years old

662 – (9.53 x ___20_______) + ___61.4______ x [(15.91 x __61.4____ )

                                 a                         b                                        c


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