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Haiti Paper

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The country of Haiti firmly supports the role of the United Nations in their respective country,

not the international community. Up until January 2010, Haiti has consistently supported the

role of the United Nations throughout several countries, the international community (1). A

year ago, a monstrous 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Ever since, Haiti has found itself

in a hole economically, socially, and politically. Before this crisis, Haiti was doing successful

overall, with the help of the United Nations of course. Today, those in Haiti continue to struggle

living to make ends meet (2). In order to climb out of the whole they' re in, Haiti needs the full

assistance of the United Nations in their own country, not the international community.

The international community must realize that Haiti is in a time of need, and they will use any

support possible. Even with a year passed by since the earthquake, Haiti' s poor economy has

slightly improved, but the spotlight is still on them in terms of need of support. The country

of Haiti would be pleased to help others; however they must support themselves first before

considering helping others. Even the members of the Security Council continue to stand with

the people and Government of Haiti in their ongoing work to rebuild their country, reaffirm on

this day of remembrance their sustained international support for Haiti (4). It is true that there

are other nations that desperately need support from the United Nations besides Haiti, but as the

poorest nation in the western hemisphere, they cannot be ignored. The international community

needs to put Haiti before themselves.







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