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Worldview Paper

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Kimberly Hoefer

GE510- Intro to Graduate Studies

Program/Sch.: MSML, Montreat College—SPAS

Group: Group A

Assignment: Worldview

Instructor: Dr. Alan  Cellamare

Date: 01/17/2014


 In this essay I will discuss my personal and professional worldview and beliefs. . I believe in one God, and the trinity the Father, Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 8:6)

. My faith contributes to my strength on worldview. My experience and applying my faith is why I believe in honesty, ethics practices, values and purpose. I will explore my values, beliefs, and life experiences on biblical worldview.

 . In the essay “A Concise Introduction to a Biblical Worldview” it identifies worldview is composed of the presuppositions that shape one’s understanding and interpretation of life. A world view is comprehensive; it incorporates all areas of life- mental, emotional, spiritual, and volitional and behavior (Glassford 1998). My personal life is centered on my relationship with God and how I strive daily to honor the word of God. My personal belief in treating everyone the way I would like to be treated (Luke 6:31).

In addition my faith based values formed my spiritual knowledge to help strengthen my Christian lifestyle. I believe in being a role model to help with others in their walk with Christ. Reading the bible daily keeps me grounded and focus.  I am someone that respects other people beliefs, but think there is only one right way to live. I believe following God’s principles and commandments is essential to living a successful life. Moreover you must have faith to please God, so being a good person does not grant you entrance into heaven.

 My personal worldview also contributes to what I see daily on the news and in my surroundings. This world is very cruel and evil. The way the world has revolved into a place that is not safe and full of violence. Furthermore, there is no love or respect and God says his word that the first commandment is “ Love one another” ( John 13:34-35).God gives everyone free will to make decisions, and based on a person mindset and thoughts creates opportunity to do right or wrong.

 In the essay “A concise Introduction to a Biblical Worldview” made a valid point about the solution. The Creation, fall, Redemption and Consummation paradigm provides a way of viewing life and evaluating one presuppositions and worldview against the standards of scripture (Glassford 1998).  In my opinion you need to know in your heart what you believe is true.


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