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Merriam-Webster - Importance of Having Plans

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Importance of Having Plans

Plan according to Merriam-Webster is;

a. A method for achieving an end

b. A detailed formulation of a program of action.

Plans are very important in an ordinary life to be successful. When a child is born almost everything is planned out for that child. When one is born in a household that child’s religion is already chosen out for him/her. So is that child’s opinion, point of views, of what is wrong and right… Basically how that child is going to spend his limited time on earth is directed by all those clusters of plan.

Like everything in this miserable existence of human social construct full of errors and flaws, Plans have both pros and cons. Some of the cons of plan are discussed below.

Life is very uncertain. With one’s little understanding, all the events in life cannot be foreseen, but it is very good for oneself, if one is prepared for the upcoming countless and pointless circumstances. As Woody Allen said “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”. Planning gives one a false sense of security. Only if everyone planned and if there plan had worked out, we would not have any problems. Being tunneled vision to thinking that plans always work out and planning solves everything is a fallacy in itself. Also, planning makes things inflexible.

As Murphy’s law states “Anything that can possibly go wrong, does”. So, at this point it would be safe to consider that all the planning is useless, and just to give up. That would be a wrong answer, a meticulous planning has everything covered. They even wrote a song about it. Planning is a good thing in some aspects of this constant pursuit of physical pleasure, social and financial security. Planning keeps things, events organized. Laws can also be considered planned instructions to society. It offers security, peace, financial security, illusion of freedom… unlike the ancient barbarian’s times. When all people planned for was how or when to have a next meal. Now, we have freedom. Everyone is treated equal and has opportunity to life and pursuit of happiness. Thanks to the people who planned for a better future. Now, a common man can dream of having bright future for his offspring.

Planning suggests a systematic attempt to shape the future. In every interview, out there in the world always has one question in it: So, what are your plans? Planning is the foundation of this modern, technologically advanced society. “Good fortune is what happens when planning meets with opportunity”. This quote was said by the famous American inventor and scientist Thomas Alva Edison. Planning had played such a huge role in this man’s success in life. Because he planned in his life, today we have the electric bulb, video camera and 2330 other devices, all invented


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