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3 Stages of Human Development Essay

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Essay Preview: 3 Stages of Human Development Essay

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Name : Chan Jong Lee

Subject : Introduction of College Composition

Date : 9 / 1 / 15

3 stages of human development

        Today, the world changes every second. 10 years ago, nobody could imagine the smart phone. Life is the same as changing the world. Generally, people change their ways of thinking. We called it is ‘generation gap.’ A child thinks eating candy is the best way to get happiness, but elders think differently. Sometimes, elders think they know everything about life, and this way of thinking can be a major obstacle to get creative ideas. I’m going to talk about these ways of thinking and human development in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

        A Child thinks simple like black and white. They try to understand what is good and what is bad. It means, they don’t try to solve their problem complexly. This identity is different with adults, and teenagers. They think more creatively than adults, because they learn just a few things in their life. A child doesn’t learn about responsibility yet. For example, they cry in public place, and break other people’s stuff. This is human nature. Generally, a child likes to play outside most of the time. According to ‘Naver news,’ a child has double the activity metabolic load than an adult. These activity metabolic loads make a child like to play and won’t relax every time except sleep time.

        Adolescence is a transition period in a human life. When a child grows up, they grow up to be a teenager. A teenager always want to be an adult. They like if someone respect them like adult. However, a teenager is not adult, so they also like playing lot of time. The only difference is how to play. For example, teenagers like to watch the movie, enjoy the party, and some risky stuffs like buy a cigaret, and drink an alcohol. A teenager has learned what is responsibility. They don’t want to take a responsible, but they know they must get a responsibility.

        When a person grown up, they learn many things in their life. People call it is an adult. Adult is totally different with a child and a teenager. Adult working and do homework most of their time at home. This is the big point in human development. They learned how to do work even if they don’t want to do. This change show how much responsible an adult have. Adults also learn how to control the risk in their lives. Adults avoid to get into the situation if they got a responsible to get in other people’s problem. This develop make a side effect that is the bystander effect.

        I am one person who didn’t have an endurance in childhood. I didn’t understand why should I do something I don’t want to do. One day, my parents say you should go to the English after school class. I didn’t understand why should I spend my free time for study. Also, I thought english is useless to me, because I am a Korean. Therefore, I didn’t go to the after school. My mother was very angry. And she tried to punish me. However, I steel couldn’t agree why I need english, so she gave up. Few years later, when I had adolescence, I knew why do I need to do studying, but my endurance was not enough to do extra study. Now I’m grow up to adulthood. I think I am a slow starter. I start studying  english at a 19 years old. Korean start studying english elementary school in general. I am a slow starter but now I finally have known why the english is important in my life. Also, one of the best my development is endurance. I can focus on study 6 hour. When I was child, I think I can focus on 6 minute.



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