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Human Development Theories

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Essay Preview: Human Development Theories

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Project 1

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In our society the ability to communicate successfully is fundamental to our advancement among our peers. Understand the different styles and there varied characteristics will enable us to communicate effectively and understand the world around us better.

SOC121-WCO-V2D1 Human Relations

Week 4, Project 1

Project 1

I can say with confidence that I fall into the supportive style of communicating. I have very strong listening skill as well as patience. My obsession to be cooperative is to a fault. I still voice my opinion thoughtfully and deliberately but I always stay flexible and open to other options. Straight out power has never been a strong suit of mine so I tend to let my experience speak for me.

I have been in the same field of work for 20 years and feel I know much of what is done behind the scenes. Home remodeling, specifically kitchen and bath design are always being reinvented. My supportive style of communicating has opened up new possibilities for me in the form of becoming the Purchase Manager for my employer. Cooperation, patients, and attentiveness all play a major role in the outcome of my duties.

My main strength would be my decision making. All my vendors know how I operate and they remain colleagues due to my deliberate honesty. If they don't come to the table with honest upfront offers, I will know it and move on to the next vendor that can supply those needs. My weakest value would be the avoidance of power. There is a saying that goes, "Respect is not a sign of weakness". In my case, it would be, Respect the power that lies underneath. I am very low-key but manage to gain the respect of all my peers. I go to extremes to avoid having my actions ever viewed in a negative way. My name will always bring positive thoughts.

In scenario number two I would approach both the host and station manager with an outstretched hand in welcome and play off each of their styles. I would attentive and spontaneous, assertive and low-key. These are behaviors that would both complement the emotive and supportive style. Flexing would be rather easy due to the fact that the station manager and I have the same style. Mimicking the host would not be advised. It would easily be seen through. Harnessing low-key/enthusiasm would



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