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3m Case Study

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Essay Preview: 3m Case Study

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Background of case study

For modern business today, the product and service innovation is very important thing must be highlighted by the company because it was the key for organization success and different from other company. Through product and service innovation, company are able to find a new solution facing by their costumer and by this step, a company has a competitive advantage over the competitors and from that also, the company also can increase their sales in market and success in their business.

In this case study, our group will analyze about 3M companies that known as one organization that contribute towards corporate entrepreneurship. Thus, in this case study also, our group also will analyze what is approach that this company uses to make them successful over the years. To make this case study easy to understand, our group is divided the analysis into three sections.

The first section in this case study is, our group analysis about the 3M structure and culture that they have in their business and the business strategies that making this company successful over the years. The second section is, our group analysis about a critical problem facing by this company and how they solve the problem. And the last part is our suggestion to this company and limitation face by this company and followed by conclusion.



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