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5 Steps to Positive Thinking

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Essay Preview: 5 Steps to Positive Thinking

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Gregory Kelley

Professor Montague

Writing 115

6 March 2012

The Burn

If you ever had an unfortunate accident of dropping a cigarette on your carpet this essay may be helpful. It will leave a burn hole where it lands. If you had a cigarette burn on your carpet that drove you crazy every time you look at burn? You probably wondered what I can do with this burn. If you replace the carpet it would be very costly to you, in the thousands of dollars. Or you could leave the burn, but then you have to look at it every day, which would irritate you. But there is a less costly way is by patching the burn out with a new piece of carpet. With the right tools and knowledge which I will teach you, the cigarette burn will be nonexistent to your eyes. I will teach how to patch a cigarette burn on your carpet.

The tools you we need to do the patch can be rented at your local Home Depot Store for a minimal charge of twenty dollars or so for the day. The tools you will need to get started is a carpet knife, a cookie cutter, a glue gun with glue sticks, duckbill scissors, seam roller, which can be rented at Home Depot. The last piece to the supplies is seam tape which is in the carpet section of the store. The tool that you will use the most is the cookie cutter, which round object with sharp edge on the bottom to cut the carpet. The duckbill scissors are scissors for carpet. A seam roller is a tool that blends the carpet together. For help finding the supplies and can you're Nearest Home Depot Store and an employee can get you started with supplies you will need for your home project.

First step in the process of patching your stain is cigarette burn with the cookie cutter by pressing the cutter around the burn and twist the cutter till the carpet flows freely. After removing the carpet from where you just cut it. Next you will go to the closet that is where you get the same color of carpet for the placement. The reason you get your new piece of carpet from a closet is because there are no two rolls of carpet is the exact color. For the next step use the cookie cutter to get identical cut from the carpet in the closet. Next you go back to the hole and raise the carpet were the burn was and put the seam tape under the carpet with glue side up. Make sure the seam tape is not bucking under the carpet, it has to lay flat under the carpet or the patch will be bumpy when finished.

With the next step, the carpet, where the burn was you needs to determine the direction of the carpet fibers are going by running your hand over the carpet. Notice the carpet changes appearance when carpet changes appearance when you run your hand over. Do the same with the new piece from the closet. The fiber will go lighter



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