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Market Positioning of Walt Disney Corporation

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Essay Preview: Market Positioning of Walt Disney Corporation

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When referring to the words "A magical world where dreams come true (Disney official website, 2011)". What immediately comes to mind? While, there is a destination can embodying all your imaginations: mysterious neverland, incredible fairy tales, unlimited possibilities, it is called The Disney, which is a conspicuous instance of a brand that can effectively position itself on its benefits or attributes by meeting their target's expectations. As one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world, the Walt Disney Group, it now owns interests in four major fields: media networks, studio entertainment, consumer products, theme parks and resorts. This essay will elaborate how Walt Disney Corporation positioning itself to obtain competitive advantage in the market.

According to the marketing process of segmenting, targeting and positioning, it is crucial that Disney select profitable segments in order to be success in their operations. After identify the most worthwhile target market, the company should be able to provide them additional value that competitors cannot provide (Truong, McColl & Kitchen, 2008). By following this principle, Disney must then position itself basis on the targeted customers' demands. Therefore, the consumers are being regarded as the driving force behind Disney, and setting positioning strategies which can fit properly with its marketing mix is the key element of successful marketing process. Disney Studio for example, which has been positioned as providing great movies that kids are excited about, while parents approve of at the same time. This will affect the marketing mix in relation to product, as Disney added family orientated as one of it characteristics, they are now tending to make the product suitable for different levels of ages ( Shelly, 2008). Another part of marketing mix that is affected by Disney Studio's positioning strategy is the presentation utilized by the company, it is especially important for service sector (Rafiq & Ahmed, 1995). The physical environment (i.e. the buildings, decor, furnishings. etc.) is instrumental in customers' assessment of the quality and level of service they can expect (Booms & Bitner, 1981), for Disney Studio, in fact, the physical environment is part of the product itself. As the two founders, Walt and Roy believed that they had to always stay one step ahead of the competition; The Walt Disney Corporation will never stop seeking to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products for their customer.

The product positioning process in relation to The Walt Disney involves: identifying competing products, identifying the attributes, collecting information from customers, determining each product, determining the target market and finally position the product (Trout, 1995). AOL Time Warner Inc.,for instance, the Disney's most adverse competitor, which is also a media giant, producing films, television networks, and digital media. They also held the brand name, Warner Brothers. In order to differentiate their content, services, and consumer products from competitors' brand in existed, Disney developed their vast superiority in global marketing research, as well as Disney's brand culture and history in the entertainment industry unmatched by any other competitor. The next is to identify the attributes in which the product will bring to customers; these include such this as being able to offer quality services, memorable holiday, and audio-visual enjoyment. Last but not least,



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