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A Better America

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A Better America

America is known as the country of the free. Immigrants come to this country with dreams and hope to do better in life. If they make it across the walls it shows that they have courage and strength to do anything to make a better life. That sounds like an true American.

Immigration is a term that is used to define anyone who is not born American an alien. The most common people who are considered aliens are Mexicans and Asians. People come to the United States to better themselves and their lives. Many don't come to create violence or hate crimes. They come here to get away from the hardships of their country. Critics believe "there is a fixed number of jobs to go around, and that foreign workers are direct substitutes for American ones". The jobs that Americans refuse to work because of their pride and education levels are jobs that immigrants don't mind doing. In their country they may get paid $2.50 an hour to retile a roof when in America they can make $5.75. Immigration contribute to a better America because, it gives immigrants a second chance at life, provides them with jobs, increase their education levels, and it contribute to our ethnic and cultural background.

Being able to have a second chance at life is a chance that everyone needs. For example if an immigrant was falsely accused of a crime and ended us serving time they would 9 times out of 10 be unable to find work. If they come to America illegal or legal not one is going to question them about their past life. It's a scandal how immigrants who want to apply for citizen ship have to take a test to prove how American they are, when half of the Americans in the United States don't know who the first president was. The government officials believe that immigration increase probity. For example Peter Brimelow believes that immigrate populations, and to the rising costs of the health care, education, and other human services that these newcomers require. If we have the resources to better someone's life why remain selfish. The social security that Americans are paying now will never be seen by anyone my age. So if they country debt is already high due to bail out bills why not share the money with somebody who really needs it?

Everyone needs a job and many Americans won't work jobs as nannies, maids, or under paid construction. If someone wants to work for less than minimum wage and do a good job at why not let them work the job? If the slogan for American is the land of the brave and the home of the free why not let these people who are just the same as us make a good life. In God eyes we are all considered 1 race and that is the human race. If everyone was to be gathered and sent back to their country of ethnic then no one but the native would remain in America. Everyone should be giving an even chance because the more peace than the less crimes we have. The



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