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A Clockwork Orange

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Harmon 1

Maia Harmon

Film History

January 30, 2017

A Clockwork Orange

        Kubrick is attempting to communicate with the viewer by insinuating that our society is corrupt by criminals and an unlawful government.  I feel like the director wants us to feel a sense of disorientation by sending a vague message by making us feel uncertain.  For instance, I feel he wants us to sympathize but at the same time antipathize with the protagonist.  Kubrick wants to create a theme of ambiguity by making us feel included and excluded.  The director expects us to predict the true motive to fit the theme of duality.  This film altogether was gripping, disturbing, brilliant, and repulsive.  

        In my opinion A Clockwork Orange seems to be the most accurate in terms of todays reality.  I feel this way because in this film, the government is portrayed as an evil, all powerful force that does not care about individual people.  I think our government can relate because I know they will do anything necessary to remain in power.  Also in today's society we must be more cautious than we would be in the past.  Today we fear for our safety.  We live in a society that is sex crazed, filled with violence, and that glamorizes sex and violence.  

Brooko - Belly

Clockwork - Mechanically responsive

Cutter - Money

Domy - House

Droog - Friend

Gloopy - Stupid

Lewdies - People

Nadsat - Teenage

Orange - Man

Rozz - Police

Synthemesc - Drug

Vaysay - Washroom



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