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Personal Modest Proposal

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As we observe our home cities, devastation fills the air and creeps along the shadows of the tallest buildings, filled with working members of society. Lurking inside the shadows is a life of abjection due to the laxity of our nation's infrastructure. Upon breaking open the United States, and peeling away its armor that has been so adamantly built, we will see the cranks that turn and the gears that spin to make the world turn. It's not just money, but the many entitlement programs that keep the weakest members in society thriving.

The poor have now conquered the system and have figured out how to take as much money as possible from the working members of society- whether that is in means of double dipping or collecting food stamps while hiding the extra income they receive. Many have now been able to take what is not rightfully theirs. It paints a nightmare scenario: a mother raising four kids, sending them off to school in a public education system that guarantees them a "proper" and "equal" education, as she sits on the couch all day eating products that can be easily purchased with her vision card (a newer way of payment than food stamps) and as her kids come home, they can barely concentrate in the dim lighting with sounds of gunshots outside their window- their concentration has been broken and their education crumbled.

While our nation plays a key role in providing a very solid and sound foundation for the rights and liberties for humans, it throws caution to the wind when it invites frivolous programs into the mixture, souring the batter that had potential to make the perfect dish for society. By throwing in frivolous programs, we now crack the very foundation that our previous generations strived so hard to ameliorate.

With the simplest of programs, however we may now take out many of the gears that are rusted and worn down, and replace them with a new golden apparatus that will fix the many long-standing problems. This new apparatus would not only take place of the decrepit pieces, but also provide a fresh outlook not only on society itself, but also on how to deal with the many progressive issues that face America.

As our nation suffers from an economic downfall, we see that our deficit has also taken a turn for the worse. As the deficit decreased exponentially every year, the unemployment rate has been a direct parallel. Many find themselves uneducated to perform a decent job and feel as if they are too good to perform a different job in society, such as a garbage man. The unemployment rate has not only been due to the centuries of women having children they can't pay for, but also due to the lackadaisical approach many students take to furthering their education. The new system I propose would provide a quick fix for what Darwinism should have taken care of centuries ago, but the government was stubborn to let happen.

As we see the unemployed numbers diminish, we would almost certainly see the grades of kids increase. The impoverished families are the ones most likely breeding the imbeciles who only take up space in the classroom. Instead, children of the smarter and wealthier classes would be provided with a better education, able to get more one on one time with the teacher, able to perform better without distraction, and able to provide the economy with a more positive outcome. When these young leaders of the future society are able to impose a more positive outcome into the economy, we will only see extraordinary and promising results.

Another addition to the many benefits already listed is a cheaper cost for food. By providing the swine with a cheaper source of food, we will be able to pay less for this meat that many Americans crave. An average human weighs approximately 170 pounds. Although it depends on the height, weight, and age of the human being, their input to society is important. If the persons of interest do not show any promise of input to society, then they shall be lined up and shot until they are dead. Their bodies then would be torn apart and the pieces would be used for different uses.

The internal organs shall be ground up and made into the new food for swine. Swine are able to eat and digest much more and do not seem to have a preference for what type of food enters their mouth. This would also prove very nutritious to the swine, as they would be feeding off muscle and fat- both of which Americans like to have on their bacon and other pork products. The skin then would be stripped from the body and made into hats, coats, purses and other objects. The hair shall be donated to cancer charities and given to the patients that still are able to provide their own means of living and who are showing sure signs of pushing past the disease.

To determine who shall be killed



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