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Modest Proposal

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Modest Proposal

We all remember being in high school. The food, the dances, that one special boy or girl, they were all great! But the one thing that stands out in most graduates' minds is the cruelty of children. Children have been being bullied for as long as most people can remember.30% of students in 2009 reported being bullied. 74% of the children being bullied are physically harassed; the other 36% are verbally and or mentally abused. Why are children so cruel? Maybe it is something embedded in their weird little minds. So, we have created a modest proposal to put an end to this.

Forewarning this proposal might be seen as being a bit harsh or unreasonable, but hey, we have to solve the problem somehow! Children start to develop a personality and certain critical characteristic traits as early as three years old, so why not start to stop the problem then? We propose that all children, as young as three years old, are sent to death camp. In death camp children will learn all different kinds of fighting techniques to kill their opponent. In camp they will be taught to snap necks, bust heads, and slice throats. They will become natural fighters, which will prevent bullying because of the scare of being killed!!

Yes, yes I know this might sound a bit crazy, but it is honestly the only way! A lot of people may say children will grow out of it, or it is just kids being kids but this is not always the case! What if they do not grow out of it? What if they end up being adults doing the exact same thing? That is not good! We cannot just hope children change for the better. We have to actually help and make them change! There is no way better than death camp!

For those of you who are absolutely against death camp, I have another solution. Maybe if you just talk to your students and communicate with them on a regular basis it will help them to express themselves and use you as an outlet. In most cases, if students have someone they can talk to about their problems, and tell about the difficulties at school bullying can be stopped! So talk to your students and let them know you are here to help with any problems that they have.

In conclusion, death camp is the way to go. It will toughen kids up and scare them off from each other. Help stop bullying, send your kids to death camp immediately!!



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