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A Nondenominational Church

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Essay Preview: A Nondenominational Church

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The church I visited was The Oaks in Red Oak, Texas. This church is nondenominational church. I haven't been to church in a long time but the only kind of church I have been to and raised in is Baptist, so visiting this church was definitely a different experience for me. One of the biggest misconceptions I had regarding nondenominational, was that it was just something you could be. I never realized there were nondenominational churches. A non denominational church is an institution with strictly established beliefs based on biblical principles and accepts and welcomes any believer as long as that certain someone accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and is solely dedicated to the teachings of the Bible. Topics of sermons and Bible studies vary on many factors, which might include: Teaching biblical doctrine, Learning about biblical characters, and Facing tough issues in society. While not all Non-Denominational churches purchase the same materials, conduct a service in the exact same way, or hold the same Bible studies, there are three things they all have in common, including: Using only teachings directly from the Bible, Requiring members to be born-again Christians (John 3:3 NIV), and working to spread the Gospel and bringing others into the fold (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV). A Non-Denominational church is for those who want to learn about the Bible and follow Jesus. That's all there is to it! The church was huge. The Oaks's auditorium is seats about 1800 and there was not very many open seats! I have never been to a large church like this. The attendance at the church I am used to is between 100-150. Also, we have pews; whereas The Oaks had comfortable chairs like a movie theater. Coming to a large church, for some people, is a bit overwhelming. There are so many people, so many options, and so many ministries and small groups to be a part of. How in the world is anyone supposed to make sense of it all? At The Oaks, they offer small groups that is designed for people who are new to the church to help bring some order to this overwhelming adventure. Every first, Sunday evening of each month they offer a small group setting that is specifically designed for people who are new to our church. They talk about the history of the church, what they believe, and how they "do" church. By coming to this small group, you are able to meet some of the key leaders and staff pastors of our church, and you have the opportunity to meet some of the other new people as well. One of the pastors will take you on a tour of the facilities so you have a good idea where everything is located. They will also help you get connected to a small group that will provide a lasting atmosphere of relationship and discipleship. Through this small group, we want to help you become connected in real relationships with people who can help you become a fully devoted follower of Christ. I found this very comforting and I am thinking about starting to go to this church, if I choose to move to Texas. I was invited to this little group and I will attend this if I would start to go to this Texas. The Oak's vision is to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ and I think this vision is great!

As I walked in, the church had stadium seating and people of all races were there. I have always thought that races stay within their own when it comes to church. For example, African Americans might be Baptist, but they go to church where it is predominately African American. I know this is probably "old school" thinking,



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