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A Plan for Achieving a Highschool Diploma

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Essay Preview: A Plan for Achieving a Highschool Diploma

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To whomever this may concern. There is multiple things to put in to create a plan for achieving a high school diploma. Which could mean a better, high paying job, in today’s society or in the future. In this essay I’m only to name off a few ways to create a plan for achieving this important document for a better future. So students in college or highschool do not vamoose in not doing a plan for high school.

One of these major requirement of achieving for achieving a possible life changing diploma or degree is listening actually. One must listen to their teacher or professor. Paying attention should be common knowledge, because the teacher (or professor) could be possibly giving a rather important speech or lecture. Take notes while this lecture or speech is going on, be ready for anything. Taking notes evolves around listening, and notes could mean better study material. With the better study material from one listening could mean a better grade in both the class and quizzes.

Another major part of this dire plan is to attend school! Show up for your classes or school as the your future depends on it. Don’t miss too many days, because if one misses too many days one’s grade would plummet. That means GPA (Grade Point Average) being lower would actually deter college away. So attend school; keep up good grades and help try to make the GPA higher.

The next major one of this plan is actually a stressor, getting good grade. Good grades is necessary for a higher gpa and a better college. One shouldn’t frolic around when it comes to work or class work. They should also turn stuff on time if not before, but never. . . ever late .if one is given a project or an assignment do it on time and never procrastinate.

Finally but not the least in the list of ways to achieve the diploma that could possibly change one’s life if not future is to stay awake in class. If one stays awake in class could mean a better grade if not in all of your classes. Could raise one’s gpa as well and that could allow access into better colleges and that could could mean a scholarship. That also means that more and more knowledge was soaked in one’s brain. Making them prepared for today’s modern world and society.

I hope that anyone who reads this essay, follows one of the many requirements to achieve this important document. If one follows their plan then getting the diploma is rather easy. Just do the work required of you and more. With that stay in school and do well. So go and get good grades and I wish you luck.



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