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A World Without Santa Clause

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A world without Santa Clause would be a world filled with no creativity. No passion, just pure, blank dullness. The world would be run like a military organization. Where little kids never had any fun, and they only learned. Without Santa, childhood dreams would be destroyed, utterly obliterated. The thought of a large man coming down your chimney would scare most people, but not little kids. A kid's imagination is a wonderful thing. It doesn't think like anyone else's mind. They can be in a spaceship in 5 minutes, while it takes adults a few more years in college to become an astronaut.

The influence of Santa Clause in today's culture has been huge. Hundreds of TV episodes and movies have been made about him. How many photos in the world were taken of some kid sitting on Santa's lap? How many Christmas parades would be ruined without Santa? How many presents were labeled said "From Santa"? Christmas day would be ruined without Santa.

Some people believe Christmas is about the day Jesus was born. Some people believe that Christmas is about decorating and buying gifts. And some people think Christmas is just another holiday. Well my opinion on Christmas, it's about spending time with your family. I believe, without Santa, the words "Christmas spirit" wouldn't exist. The very thought of getting presents on Christmas morning is a magical feeling that no one can describe to you. It is the true meaning for Christmas Spirit.

So, a world without Santa Clause? The world wouldn't be the same.



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