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Abortion Case

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Abortion is a very personal, emotional and spiritual issue that has been vigorously debated throughout the years. Prior to Roe Vs Wade many women had illegal abortions performed by people who did not have the knowledge or medical ability to safely provide this service. Many died as a result of infections or blood loss. This proves that if abortions were to again become illegal , abortion would definitely still continue and the possibility for two deaths to occur will increase.

What about the cases where the mothers life is at risk if the pregnancy were to proceed, is that okay then? What about cases of pregnancy resulting from rape? Who should decide if the abortion was allowable? Technically if the father were to have a say, the rapist in this case would be the father. Would he be able to dictate the woman proceed with the pregnancy?

The significance of that leads me to believe that the mother does not have an obligation to inform the father. In the best scenario it would be ideal for two people, the father and the mother, to make this crucial life changing decision together, however, in some situations I am sure that wont always work out.

I don't believe the laws should be changed to include the fathers wishes as the reality is that his body will not change, he will not carry the baby for nine months and give birth.

In conclusion, I think abortion will always be an issue, because the people who are against it are passionate in their beliefs and those for it are equally as aggressive. I personally believe every individual has the right to their own choice. If you are against abortion .....dont have one..



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