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Abortion - Mother's Choise

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Essay Preview: Abortion - Mother's Choise

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Abortion is one of the biggest debates in America. Some people argues that a baby in it's earliest

forms of life has the same rights as a person and some people believe that abortion is a choice and that

a woman has the rights to choose what she does with her body. While the fight about abortion still goes

on, abortion should be legalized because it is the mother's choice whether she wants to carry out with

the baby and not anyone else judgment opinion.

Abortion has been going on for a very long time. Woman have been wanting to control the

amount of offspring they conceive. Abortion has three different perspectives. Those who oppose it call

themselves "pro-life" and suggests that anyone in favor of abortion is considered "anti-life". Those who

supports the rights to have an abortion call themselves "pro-choice"(Taking Sides). The pro-life argues

that "life begins at conception, when a sperm fertilizes an egg cell. Fertilization, for pro-lifers, the

embryo is fully human... They see abortions as the killing of an unborn child and a denial of the basic

rights to life" they see that the baby has as much rights as anyone else even as a fetus. but the others

argues that the rights "belongs only to the individual not to parts of the individual". The fetus is not

completely a living person yet. It shouldn't be considered a person. It's just residing there and it

wouldn't be considered killing unless it was out and actually alive (Abortion 5). Abortion is not a form

of genocide. Let's say that a woman gets raped. Does she have the rights to let go of the baby without

pro-lifers calling her a "killer"? Even though that usually isn't the case, if a mother even had the

slightest thought of getting an abortion then she should definitely not carry out with it.

Teen pregnancy is getting more and more popular in the United States "Teen pregnancy among

teenagers and young women in the United States rose" (Discussion). Many of them decided to keep it


and many decide to give it up for adoption or consider the choice of abortion. Usually teenage



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