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About Information Technology

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Name: DO GIA HUY – 1358025

Class: 13BSM2

Course: MIS301

Lecturer: Le Thi Nhan

I/Meet the new mobile workers


The mydlinkLite: uses with a wireless camera equipped on the tractor through this app to make sure that crop rows are as straight as possible.

The Web-based COG: help the field’s owner to record seed types and the time, location they are planted.

Picker Entry:  “to generate a list of products to collect in the field based on online orders placed by restaurants and consumers”. Manage and keep in tract the process.

Power4Merch:  to provide driver’s information to the merchandiser and to make sure that the process of delivering works accurate.


  • McClendon’s employees load orders on trucks for delivering to restaurants. With Picker Entry on the Ipad, the process will work faster and more accurate as compared to manual process.
  • “Pepsico runs about 17000 distribution routes each day” , the handheld devices will have them to deliver the products more accurate and punctual “the right products arrive in the right locations”.
  • Manager can manage his or her team by using Manager’s Briefcase app. “In the past, managers had to spend much of their time on the phone, checking email on the office,and checking paperwork. With the Ipad the manager starts and ends his day with his team.” According to the case.



In Vietnam, people now use Grab and Uber service for transporting via app to book a taxi with a simple, cost effective technology for not only passenger but also for the driver sides of distribution chain, according to Grab.  The taxi driver can contact with customer via app and they can use that app to navigate the route.


Passengers can check-in online through application on the handheld devices and it helps the passengers to save time before flight with shorter queues. Moreover, they can choose their seat before getting to the airport.


As can be seen from the case, the companies gain benefits by using better applications through Ipad or Iphone , each companies have its own mobile technology with difference function, but all of them work accurate and it helps to mane the information system.

II/ UPS competes globally with information technology

1/Input: The scannable bar-coded label attached to a package (info about sender, the final destination)

Processing: Information from the label is transmitted to UPS’s computer centers.

Package tracking information is transmitted to UPS’s computer network for storage and processing.



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