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Accounting Case

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Bus 188 . Lab work

1. 13 of 13 Copy and access file, rename an access file, and open an access file

1.1. In the windows explorer, create a copy of the file named a01h1traders, keeping the copied file in the same folder. Rename the copied file, a01h1traders-copy, as a01h1traders_Access Student. From Windows Explorer, open the a01h1traders_Access student file, review the security warning, and then enable the content.

1.2. How to: Right click copy and right click Past. Rename copy as a01h1traders_Access Student. After renaming open the a01h1traders_Access Student file, review the security warning, and then enable the content.

2. 12 of 13. Edit a Record.

2.1. Open the employees table in Datasheet view. In the fourth record, change the last Name from peacock to Fox, press TAB, and then undo the change, change the Last Name to Fox again, and then press TAB, Close the employees table.

2.2. How to: Double click the employees table. In the fourth record, change the last name from peacock to Fox press TAB, and then undo the change, change the last name to Fox again, and then press TAB. Then close the window.

3. Navigate and Access Form and Add Records.

3.1. In the products Form, search the Product Name field for the product containing the word grandma in any part of the field, and then close the find dialog box.

3.1.1. How to : Highlight the name (chai) then click the find button replace the name to (Grandma) then select current field in the Look In box, then Any part of Field in the match box then click find Next. Find button<>>>>what you put Grandma <>>>>>Look In : Current field <>>>>> Match: Any part of field. Then you see the name grandma appears then close the dialog box.

3.1.2. How to click on the telephone number highlight, replace with (512) in the stat of the field, and then closed the find dialog box

3.1.3. How to: highlight the numbers both the with the (512) ,,>>>> click on find button ,,>>>>> in find what put (512) .,..>>>> then select START OF THR FIELD then ,>>> find dialog box <>> and close .

3.2. Create a new black record in the form, in the product Name field, enter Julie's Pecan Pie and then press tab (Remaining fields will autocomplete). How to : click on the little yellow icon in the lower corner to open a new black record form

4. 11 of 13 Navigate and Access Form and Add Records.

4.1. In the product name enter Julie's Pecan Pie and hen Press TAB (Remaining fields will auto complete)

5. 10 of 13. Recognize the Connection between table and Form; Delete a Record.

5.1. In the Products table, navigate directly to the last record in the table, Observe the pecan pie record that was added though the form in the previous step, Begin to delete the fifth record in the table, Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix. When the error message appears, click OK to indicate that you do not want to delete the record at this time. Close the products table.

5.1.1. How to . In the customer row demanded go to the corner highlight it and click on the delete button and when message appears click ok to indicated you do not want to delete then close the tab. How to: click on GO TO then select last observe the name that was entered lastly then (Pecan Pie record). Highlight the name in the 5th row begin to delete by clicking on the Delete button (no right click to delete). Message shows and you click ok. . then close the product table.

6. ty9 of 13 Compact, Repair, and backup the Database.

6.1. Compact and repair the database, Backup the database using the default file name.

6.1.1. How to: Click the file button then click compact and database.

6.1.2. How to: Click again on the file button <>>>> select save and Publish then click on the Backup Database <>>>> then save.

6.1.3. Backup the Database: click on the file button again select save SAVE AND PUBLISH ><<<>>> then chose Back Up Database <>>> when the student database open, save it.

7. 8 of 13 Use Filter by selection with an Equal Setting.

7.1. In the second record of the Customers table (AROUT), select the City field, London, and then use Filter by selection to find all records that have a City field equal to London.

7.1.1. How to: highlight the city London in the second records. Then click on the Table Tools (Fields / Table) selected selection then Equals to London.

8. 7



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