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Achieving Excellence Through Effective Human Resource Management

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Essay Preview: Achieving Excellence Through Effective Human Resource Management

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Discuss How ZAAC Can Achieve Excellence Through Effective Human

Resources Management



Excellence is a continuously moving target that can be reached through actions of

integrity, being front runner in terms of products / services provided that are reliable

and safe for the intended users, meeting all obligations and continuously learning and

improving in all spheres to meet the moving target.( Murali Chemuturi Consultants)

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the strategic and coherent approach to the

management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there or

human capital, who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the

objectives of the organization. (Siddharth Chaturved)

A major point to note is that unless we define excellence and measure it, we would

never know if we achieved excellence.

Current Status in ZAAC

Currently in the ZAAC, the majority of the workforce, management included, has not

embraced the culture of excellence. This is evidenced by the lack of pride in what the

organization does or is. There is no sense of belonging and ownership of the


To achieve excellence through employees there has to be a relationship of the human

resources management with the strategic goals and objectives of the organization in

order to improve business performance and develop organizational culture that foster

innovation and flexibility.

The culture of excellence has to be instilled from the highest level in the organization.

There is need for a buy in of the culture by all senior management. Currently there is

no evidence of commitment at that level.

Employees in ZAAC have the perception that management does not care for them.

There are two distinct camps of management and employees who believe that they

are at ZAAC only for what they can get out of it rather than take pride in what they can

bring in.

The lack of a comprehensive performance management system is also a major

contributor to the absence of the culture of excellence. When procedures are not


documented there will be a lot of inefficiencies as tasks overlap and areas of

responsibility are not clear. This results in employees not being properly recognized

for their efforts resulting in them saying "what's in it for me and why should I bother?"

In ZAAC there has been a perennial problem of ineffective communication. This

breeds unnecessary suspicions and wrong perceptions. When an organization does

not know the doubts and worries of its employees regarding the company, it will never

be able to address and resolve them. There is need to identify those core issues and

provide resolution guidance which will help in building an enthusiastic workforce that

is ready to deliver excellent performance.



Strategic human resources management is central to any organization's success and

ZAAC is no exception. Since the world we live today is a small global village where

we all compete in business and efficiency, then strategic human resource

management is the only way for survival in this competitive world. The world we are

living in is intensely competitive and thus Human resources are now viewed as a

source of competitive advantage. . In this and global market place, for ZAAC to

maintain a competitive advantage in the region and in Africa, is has to have a highly

committed and competent workforce. Management should be able to tap the

company's special skills or core competencies in order to rapidly respond to customer

needs and competitor's moves.

In order to realize the dreams of organizations being leaders in their respective

businesses, the human resources department has to understand the organizational

framework. The human resources as the internal consultants, must at least ensure

that management do the following in order to inculcate the culture of excellence in


Start at the very top

The culture of excellence like gravity flows from the top to the bottom. The General

Manager needs to commit himself to excellence in a visible manner. The employees

need to see that he is taking it seriously. The general manager must under no

circumstances compromise his commitment to excellence. He must provide resources

and funding for activities focused on achieving excellence.

Top management must, together with staff document processes and set up a

mechanism for their continuous improvement. They must implement processes and



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