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Human Resources Management Functions Link to Organisation Development

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Essay Preview: Human Resources Management Functions Link to Organisation Development

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Table of Contents

Abstract. 3

Introduction. 3

Human Resource Management. 4

The First Stage 1900's to 1940's. 4

The Second Stage 1940's to 1970's 4

The Third Stage 1970's to late 1990's 5

The Human Resources Management Links. 5

The Competitive Advantage. 5

The Systems and Strategic Plans. 6

Organisation Development. 7

The application of laboratory training methods to complex organizational problem. 7

The Survey Research Method. 7

Action Research 8

The emergency of the Tavistock socio-technical and socio-clinical approaches. 8

The main factors of Convergence. 9

People Matters. 9

A System- Wide Perspective. 10

Strategic Alignment. 10

Conclusion. 10

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This discussion paper brings into the light, the difference that exist between Human Resources Management and Organisation Development within an organization that has the two disciplines. While at the same time showing us how these two competitive disciplines are linked through various aspects that they operate within as their core reliance in achieving high goals for the organization. Through relying on the people's intellectual capital and how they work, these two disciplines focuses most of its energy on the organization's workforce as an integral aspect of an organization that can't be ignored in order for the organization to continue with sustained business success.


According to this discussion paper the core functions of the Human Resource Management which have been predominantly administrative in nature like managing wages, selecting job candidates, appraisal performances and communicating are undergoing significant radical changes to become creative and effective in developing strategies that attract, retain and leverage talent to successfully execute organizational strategy in order to get competitive advantage.

Hence we are going to look into how the core Human Resource Management functions part of which are named above have linked to Organization Development and its methods in order to work in unison with each other without conflict, repetitiveness of duties or undermining each other.

We also see that the new generation Human Resource field still borrows a leaf from the traditional Human resource and Organizational Development though the distinctions between these two areas have developed without depending on each other, but we see that over a period of time they have become distorted by organizations.

This discussion paper also touches on Organizational Development which is oriented to improving organizational effectiveness through problem solving, focusing its attention and resources on achieving key organizational goals, and acknowledging that to achieve this results the aspect of importance of human resource (people) in affecting change in any organization should be recognized as important thus linking OD with HR.

Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Management is a department within an organization that is mandated with the responsibility of the management of people working within the organization, individually or collectively in order to achieve a desired outcome of meeting their individual needs and the objectives of the organization and the society at large.

Human Resource Management is related with the Organisation Development basically through its core functions which are viewed below. It has originally been developed along three distinct stages namely:-

The First Stage 1900's to 1940's.

This is the stage where it was known as the Administration or Welfare Phase. Basically it was considered to be administrative in nature and recognized as the Personnel Management. Its functions where mainly restricted to keeping records of employees wages and salaries and being responsible for employee welfare activities. During this stage the personnel functions were performed by supervisors and line managers as part of their overall management responsibilities.

The period between 1900 and 1940's as we see adopted a mass production system kind of jobs and which were monotonous, unhealthy and hazardous and employment conditions became a public concern. However during this period due to war came shortage of workers hence the raising of labor unions, human relation movements and civil rights movements started to draw attentions toward the human side of organizations.

The Second Stage 1940's to 1970's

This stage became a bit professional dues to pressure from increased unionism that led to a focus on industrial relations, pay and working conditions improvements. A more professional approach to personnel management was also adopted and we see many organizations seeking specialists to conduct recruitments, training and welfare activities. This stage still maintained the Personnel Administration status and was not elevated to respectable levels till a surge of fair employment and other legislations swept through the organizational life.

The Third Stage 1970's to late 1990's

This the stage where Human Resource Management became an integral part of organizational development. Focus was basically shifted now to an integrated human resource management function in this stage which coordinated personnel activities and industrial relations actions thus taking a strategic look at the management of an organization's employee.

The human side of organizations was now starting to be viewed as an important component of the organization at this stage and being appreciated, hence the term human resource came into play to signify the importance of human nature in organizations welfares. The Human Resource approach was identified as more proactive and concerned with the best welfare and interest



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