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Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

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Essay Preview: Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

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Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

Ronita Sanderfer

April 9, 2012


Kevin Benbow

Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

Most people want to achieve individual excellence. Excellence is not easy to achieve and it takes a great deal of time and planning. In the following paper, a formulation of my framework for achieving and maintaining individual excellence for my life and a list of the skills I have or need to develop further. Also included is a force field analysis listing my personal driving and restraining forces as well as my current position and desire for each of the following conditions: Managing the environment, Planning and program design, Organization design, Human resource development, Supervision, Financial management, Information systems, Program evaluation, Leadership and organization change. Using Peter Senge's Five Disciplines a self-assessment of my skills for growth is examine and expressed how they have meaning to me.

Managing the Environment

Needs assessments, asset mapping, community collaboration, and marketing and public relations strategies assist managers and organizations will help mangers with dealing with the environment. To manage the environment trends such as the economy and political has to be taken into consideration (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007). My personal drive is to maintain a reliable environment. My restraining forces are the economy and political forces. The economy has affected my environment. I have not received a pay raise in my current position in two years due to the political powers of the government. My desire on these conditions is that it affects my family and surrounding community.

Planning and Program Design

Planning and program design takes skill and knowledge in order to achieve excellence. My past position as a Group Room Coordinator taught me skills such as how to develop skills group, train group leaders, and determine which group individuals are in need of. To achieve and maintain individual excellence my desire is to further myself by obtaining better skills to formulate groups that are essential to people with disabilities activities of daily living. My personal drive is to obtain a master degree in Socialogy. My restraining forces are time and finance.

Organization Theory

Frederick Taylor developed the scientific management theory which involved methods at getting the best people (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007). To achieve individual excellence I incorporated the scientific management theory four basic principles. I have a desire when I become a facility director is to find the one best way to perform job tasks, ensure that job task is the best match for employees, use rewards as motivation, and the task of management is planned and controlled. The restraining force is employees that are not willing to be team players.

Organization Design

To achieve and maintain individual excellence I desire to develop the necessary skills to create organizational charts, and processes such as decision making and communication that can not be seen on a chart. As well as skills to determine how the different parts will be organized and work together. The restraint forces are find a most organization lack the necessary software to assist with obtain these kind of data and the author requires more skills in how to develop and gather the data .

Human Resource Development

In human resource development the criteria for jobs must be developed and staff must be hired (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007). To achieve individual excellence I must obtain the require knowledge of the federal, state, and local labor laws. Also I must gain better interviewing skills.


I have skills in supervising employees. I implemented the Contingency theory as a supervisor by motivating each employee differently and using various styles of leadership. I have skills in utilizing my staff to the best of their abilities. Restraining forces that affected how I achieve individual excellence was employees that were unwilling or unable to be motivated.

Financial Management

I have obtained an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration with a minor in Finance and Investments. To achieve individual excellence I use the skills I learned while employed as the Assistant Director of Nutritional Services. I was in charge of budgeting for the department's monthly food supplies. I also was in charge of budgeting for special events and holidays parties. The restraining forces I inquired were the lack of funds and equipment needed to operate the department properly.

Information Systems

A well-designed information system can enhance an organization's effectiveness and responsiveness and raise an employee's sense of satisfaction and purpose. Mangers should bear these points in mind to avoid having an information system designed only to meet external accountability and evaluation needs without being fully valued or supported by staff (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007). To achieve individual excellence I planned to obtain skills in how to find an information system that is designed with attention to information needs related to program outcomes and include significant participation by staff that will be using the system. The restraining force that I may face is employee lack of computers skills.

Program Evaluation

Evaluations may have several purposes, ranging from aiding in decision making, and improving programs to building support and demonstrating accountability. To achieve individual excellence I have learned how to assess the social problems in the environment that human services are intended to address and how agencies can respond to these



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