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Across the Globe Communication

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Essay Preview: Across the Globe Communication

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Across the globe, communication is the core structure to a society. Day in and day out, people

rely on communication to build relationships, to become educated, and to thrive in this present world.

People within a social order they depend on the media to interact in societal obligations. It is imperative

that people understand the way in which information is being conveyed and presented in order to fit

into a culture. An informative way in which important information is given is through the news. People

apart of communities rely on the information presented in the broadcast reports to help debate and

exchange ideas to better the identity of the population. Without the informative messages portrayed in

the news, there would be a lack of communication amongst the people which would then weaken the

community and the relationships within. That being said, social intolerance creates a bias. For example,

before I took classes this semester like Humanities I and Current Issues I truly didn't comprehend the

beliefs and culture of the Muslim people. From all the mainstream media giving information about the

war in the Middle East I gradually started believe that the people living there weren't a productive part

of our population.

To be a productive part of society you must understand the information that is given

from the media. The media is a key way of the population interacting with each other and gives them

the opportunity to debate and exchange ideas over the subjects being focused on the media. The news/

media connects populations by forcing people to interact with each other and discuss the information

that is being put out to the public. Just like any other culture, America holds customs that are to be held

onto. In order for foreigners to fit into this society, they must understand the basics. These fundamental

understandings may be as basic as having an appreciation for the particular mainstream music genre.

Another is the language, granted many countries speak English; it goes beyond the type of language but

the quirks and the slang within it that differentiates amongst different countries. By grasping on to the

slang and in which context that it is to be used in can help integrate an individual into the American

society. Literature is also a great appreciation amongst Americans. By knowing and have read American




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